Black Knight Weapon Refine Ideas

We know FEH does not want to give refines to DC weapons, but BK (like Ayra and B!Celica) are so dependent on his PRF Special no one uses his default weapon. What should a weapon refine do?

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Because so many people invested in the fast Black Luna builds, I think any Alondite pref should respect those builds to avoid rework. Also, patching up his abysmal res stat would be nice. I think it could give it +10 with a bunch of other goodies no problem. That’s the least they could do.


  • Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. If unit initiates combat or foes range = 2, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3. If foe’s Range = 2, grants Res+7 during combat.

He can’t tank mages and is too slow int he modern meta, but Accelerates Special Trigger feels like something built for the Spiral build only. Being an armor unit, I feel like Alondite build should encourage BK/Zelgius to use Fighter skills over Spiral. What about this instead?

Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range.
+3 HP, +3 SP
If Unit has any blue buff or movement +1 buff, BK/Zelgius gains +1 special charge per user attack and the enemy gains -1 special charge per enemy attack. (Conditional Special Fighter)
If the foe is a tome or staff user, grants +8 RES during combat and negates the effects of the foe’s blue buffs in combat.

This frees up BK/Zelgius to use something like Bold Fighter but also experiment with their native WoM or Warp Powder


The idea I had was to make him specialize in Bold Fighter because we have so many DC/SF3 options, it becomes really redundant to have more of them. Because Alondite has DC, I wanted to create a refine that would let BK go on the offense while not getting punished by any random tome units, but still susceptible to dragons. I also wanted to encourage more melee attacks against him, which he should be better at defending against. He’s just so weak to any random tome that I wanted to patch that up on enemy phase, because without a patch-up, you can’t be aggressive with him, and that really sucks and isn’t fun to use.


I feel like that’s juicing up his res a little too much

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Needs play testing - something IS should do more of :/

It’s a bit hard to balance because, compared to other red sword armors, that extra res is pretty juiced, but compared to the pool of armors as a whole, it’s pretty tame.

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Sure it’s tame compared to the rest of the cast, but that’s not factoring DC, slaying, and the spectrum +3 to stats from initiating or getting attacked by a ranged unit. I feel like maybe change the +3 to +4 and remove the +7 res buff and it’ll be good

He’d just have way too good of a playerphase and enemy phase with stuff like that.

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Well, he IS the Black Knight after all, haha. It’s fitty that if B!Ike is going to be the best axe user, why not Black Knight being one of the best sword users? :slight_smile:

You’re probably right. Maybe just taking off the last clause entirely and leaving it as is is for the best. Still, his res is so poor that I feel like it’s too risky to use him like that. I feel like armors don’t get enough for their armor weakness and poor movement. Black Knight looks pretty terrible next to a lot of modern red sword infantries now. I just don’t know why you would even want DC on him if he can’t punish mages even a little.

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Yeah it’s fair though, he is slacking now that infantry swords have more bst then him and are just overall better statwise and movement-wise. Man only has black luna to keep him going, if and when they do give him a refine hopefully it’ll be a good one

No hopes though, since he’s a grail unit I doubt he’ll get something good.

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Well, on the bright side, Zelgius can still get the refine, so Black Knight would get the same one. I think there’s justification that he will be the exception to the rule. Other grail units are getting refines too, like Clive, for the same reason.

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Maybe damage reduction on the first hit against magic enemies?

Alondite: Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. During combat, If foe uses magic, staff, or dragonstone, reduces damage from foe’s first attack by ‘x’%.

Or something like that? :thinking:

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Add on a special charge reduction onto that, and I’d refine it :) haha

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Maybe he should have a refine that plays more into his character. He wants nothing more than to have a fight with his former teacher, and later on, Ike.
Maybe he should be focused more on one-on-one duelings, with the Distant Counter aspect as more of a side-thing, for taking on archers and daggers

These are all great ideas, I know IS will never do anything with them but it’s still nice seeing everyone talk about the best villain

The best Alondite for BK ↓

  1. Steady Breath inbuild
  2. Bold Fighter inbuild
  3. Cooldown -1

With that I think he will kick some ass :feh_ardenwoke:
inspired by L!Tiki