Black? More like Red Knight

But for real, did I make a mistake giving him Fierce Breath? I feel like his defense is already great, especially with merges (on the way) and buffs and his res… /could/ be salvaged but he has the HP to take a hit, retaliate, and double most likely so more Atk it was!


I mean, its really personal preference. Though Warding Breath and Steady Breath both do their own thing. Fierce Breath secures a few KOs, Steady Breath lets him one-on-one a lot of infantry units without the fear of dying, and Warding Breath gives him the ability to fight Dragons and Mages a little bit better.
I can’t help but think that Special Fighter would be better if you +10 him and give a little investment in speed. He’d have 39 speed, and for Special fighter to have maximum effectiveness he’d need to sit at around 42. But of course, personal preference. Bold Fighter lets him take care of the super speedy units on player phase, and gives him the ability to punch through Wary Fighter units

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It’s a no from me.
Fierce breath is better on ridiculously high Atk Vantage units like M!Grima and W!Ephraim, and contradicts with Bold Fighter.
Wave skills are honestly just too situational, and it would be better to buff him with Hone Armour or Atk Tactic.
Atk +3… just no. Fierce Stance works with Fierce Breath, but as previously stated it just doesn’t work well on BK.

I’ll just leave this here