Blade Breaker? More like Meta Breaker :feh_creepybyleth:

We can all agree that Jeralt was the best (if not the only good thing) about this CYL.

He was super fun to play as in Hopes, and now I can finally build him (RIP Phonse Dad)

Now, should I make him father of the year by killing one of my Byleths for Ruptured Sky?


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What did you guys do with yours? :blush:

I vote no on RS for two reasons

  1. RS is a fairly underwhelming special except for Arena and in specific circumstances (i.e. fighting beasts and dragons)

  2. He debuffs the foe’s Atk a lot which actively makes RS WEAKER


Good point :thinking:

Forgot that RS scales with enemy Atk

Guess moonbow and bonfire are my best options?


I actually like this CYL more than at least last year’s. All 4 are good and there’s no meme unit harassing me.

I did this.


At first impression, I honestly agreed with everything. But the more I thought about it, I actually have to respectfully disagree with everything in this take (yes, even point two).

While Breaker Lance does debuff Atk which RS scales off of, it also debuffs Def, diminishing the returns of moonbow and the whole point of even running it.

RS isn’t really that niche as you’re making it out to be. The generalized rule and relationship of RS and moonbow is that RS will have the same scaling as moonbow if the enemy’s Atk is 150% of its Def/Res. If the enemy is a dragon/beast, it only needs to be 120%. This isn’t exactly a hard to find case to encounter in AR and SD.

tl;dr: @Tophez RS will always be better than moonbow if enemy’s Atk >= 150% Def. Just ask yourself how common you see that case based on the game modes you’re personally invested in to make that call if it’s worth it.


There’s still Glimmer. Or Bonfire, which activates on the follow-up attack with heavy blade.


I know part of it is I’ve only ever foddered RS to a single unit (L-Nanna) thanks to only ever pulling it twice total and have managed fine everywhere without it, so I’ve never really considered it super necessary, and because of that rarity I’m super wary about throwing it out haphazardly.

In Jeralt’s case Bonfire is often the superior option except in say, Summoner Duels, where the shorter cooldown is more valuable and there’s shit like Freyja and Askr ruling the roost


I think the glimmer vs RS question was discussed in GP before. I can’t remember the details exactly, but I think the general consensus was that unless weapon effectiveness was a factor, glimmer won’t outperform RS since archetypically, the units you encounter with low def/res tend to have high atk. Bonfire might outperform RS in terms of damage dealt, but then it becomes a conversation of the special CD economy and the game modes in which heavy blade + guaranteed follow up is viable (i.e. will the opponent commonly have NFU).

But I mean, at the end of the day, I agree with @LadyLuna in asking, do you really need RS to begin with? It’s still a relatively uncommon skill and glimmer/moonbow are still very serviceable.


Moonbow’s probably the best cheap one just so he can break the super tanky units.

As Glimmer is usually an overkill/one shot special and he doubles anyway.