Blaze Banner Roll Thread

Because we need one.

I got blaze. Bankrupted all orum and bought the 38 head hunting with my distinction certs too. I’ll finish E2ing her tmr morning, it’s 2am now :sob:


As i posted before in another thread, i got my 3rd Sora as a 5* Guarantee.

But flesh is weak, so i kept rolling (budget was 6 rolls, 3400 Orundrom more or less i had).

Then…this happened during one of the last rolls. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love how carelessly i am with Arknights Gatcha.

Who needs planning, when you get spooks more than Rate ups?

Personally, forget about Blaze.

I just got best Cat Sniper. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Siege dupe almost broke my spirit. The 258 DC headhunt permit I bought gave me back almost 100+ DC with the 5*s I got.

Notable 5* I got (and wanted) were ptilopsis, lappland, and warfarin dupes(pot 5 now)

First 10-pull: Meteorite dupe
2nd 10-pull: Blue bag, nothing but garbage.
3rd 10-pull: Blue bag
4th 10-pull: Greythroat
5th 10-pull: Blaze
6th 10-pull: Blue bag
7th 10-pull: Blaze

Blaze was what I wanted, so very happy with that result. Great 6* luck.
But only two 5* in 70 rolls and one was the guarantee. That part is kind of shitty.

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Mmm… i’ve got 134 Yellow Certificates, maybe i can reach the 258 needed for 38 Tickets in time for Nian Banner and see what will happen

Did one 10-roll and got Tohsaka Rin Skyfire as my guaranteed goldie and the new Laterano sniper I don’t remember the name of. Could’ve saved Orundum, but as @MatteoM said, flesh is weak :fgo_deadinside:

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Now i want to try a combo:

Provence + Schwartz + Exusiai

with my Stalker…ahem…i meant Sora, to buff them


Was saving maths for other operators, but… Cat ate my resources.

From E0 Level 1 to E1 Level 36 in a few minutes

Yeah lol, that’s some bad 5* luck. Blue (purple) bags are the worst on 10 rolls. I close my eyes when I first unzip them, so there’s no immediate deflation of spirit.

I’m curious why you went for pulls 6 and 7 though?
You were hoping for 2 copies of Blaze or what?

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Rate up finally working again :smiley:


I did a few more rolls to try for Skyfire. I didn’t buy her when she was in the cert shop because I thought if I was using so many rolls for Blaze I’d get her then anyway. Guess not :feh_lucyshrug:

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Got her in 5 drops. Was planning to spend 40 pulls on her. Now, I’m just gonna save till Nian banner.

Launched her straight to E2-Sphere.
Sorry Chen, your S2 M3 need to wait for awhile. You know… Priorities.

Btw, her S3 animation.
BlueStacks-2020-07-01-07-08-37 (3)

That Oh Sh!t face, love it.

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No Blaze. Just Salt :fgo_ereshdistress:

30K Orundum, 3 10x tickets, 8 single tickets, nothing.

At least I got P6 Ambriel :fgo_ereshdistress:


Literally 1 single pull and I got her. I tend to go until I get my guaranteed 5* and probably wasn’t going to go any further but it ended up not mattering. This exact same thing happened with Chen, too.

Up to ~60k orundum saved up now, probably just going to save for W.

■■■■ it. I’m going to E2 Ambriel and hopefully Mastery 3 by the end of the week. Gotta get some of that salt out of my wounds

I feel your pain from here. Were ch’en and shining dupes or?

Ch’en’s a dupe their mate :fgo_dechi:

But Shining nope. She’s new.

if it helps reduce the salt all i got was a zima dupe 2x4* and rest 3*. Ill wait for blaze to spook me as dont really need another guard.

Sorry to hear that…

those 2 non-blaze spooks hurt

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On a side note, while it still sting a little not having hired Blaze…

I have to say that i’m totally satisfied with my Schwarz.

I had never realized (because i’ve never gotten her in that summer event…) just how damn good she is.

I mean, the big heavy DEF units usually took a lot of time before i could drop them, even with Amiya E2.

Schwartz…each hit she does is like as if she penetrates that armour.

All in all, very reliable and solid damage in exchange for a Caster Range. I can deal with it.

If i need more than a boss killer, also simply a heavy DEF mob killer, i know that Schwartz is a solid option