Blaziken for PvP

So I wanted to know if Blaziken’s good for any cup under the Great League meta, 'cause I have a lucky-89% and a 96% ones and they’re both good for this league, according to PokéGenie…

The thing is: I know how great Blaziken is for the PvE meta as a fire attacker and I know that the Gamepress topic says it is just rank 3 for the Great League, but it once happened that I sent some great pokemon for especific cups (such as the Love Cup and the Holliday Cup) because of their low pve IV and went without good pokémon. And I definitely don’t want to go through this again.

I also have other great copies, but they don’t even come close for that IV and aren’t lucky. None of them also has a great pvp IV.

To recap, I want to know if my lucky and 89% or my 96% blazikens are worth to keep under the 1500’s for any cup on the pvp meta or if I should power up them for the pve meta.

You need something like 0/15/15 for GL. GL Blaziken is under level 20, so no need to be lucky.

Blaziken is very attack weighted so getting one with 0 attack IVs and high Def/HP is going to make a huge difference. There’s also Infernape which functions similarly (though it doesn’t have Counter) and has a bit more bulk.

Based on what cups are on the horizon, I don’t see one where Blaziken would especially shine in GL.

I’d try yours in UL premier cup. It’s pretty good there, and your non PvP friendly stats would make less of a difference.

It’s good in cup formats for GL, but it’s pretty so-so in open. Spicy fringe pick at best

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Imagine great League blaziken as a machamp cousin with diferent type and moves. Machamp made an impact as a shadow. As we don’t have shadow torchic yet, and azumarril is still quite prevalent in the meta (so as flyiers) poor blaziken has a ver rough time in GL at the moment.
As mentioned above, if you really want to use blaziken in pvp, UL premier cup is the meta to use it. Note that even There, the kin is quite spicy. It’s main selling point been it’s umpredictability, you’ll catch a lot of opponents off guard depending on moveset. A very fun mon to use indeed

Personally I would probably power up a blaziken for pve. Mblaziken, highest attack stat, blast burn, and cool design. ALL check.
Ok back to the point, if you really want to use blaziken in pvp, use it in ulpc
I has a unique move set that if not prepared for can nuke whole teams. Some time back, I used one with counter blaze kick and brave bird, nukes many stuff but really squishy.
That said, it still can be good with the skills( recommend pairing it with lanturn) itz really deadly

Blaziken is mean. And cheap. ;(
Well, counter makes about anything cheap really

Blaziken to squishy for open GL. In ULPC still cant take well neutral hits, but at least survive most of them( if have most his HP). But i like use him, as double nuker. So many people expect Blaze Kick, and can flip even bad Matchup or get a shield advantage.

Hi PokeV1nnybr, I think I am similar to you as I tend to rely on a few resources for PVP selection (Gamepress, PVPoke, but also other trainers on GP community). I wanted to ask the forum if there are any other 3rd party resources or sites which give decent (and credible) reviews for PVP? The Talonflame CD is a good case in point … most reviews on this site give Talonflame a modest review for PVP so I guess I can play for a hour or two and not worry about FOMO. In contrast I have seen a number of Youtube bloggers who are trying their hardest to hype up the Talonflame CD. I find them much less credible for this matter.

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Talonflame (XL) is great for UL, but so-so for GL. For UL again you need so many resources that for many people it won’t pay off.

PokemonGOHub has some great resources but not updated as often as other sites (such as Gamepress):
YouTubers are going to hype up…everything. Personally I stick to sites like this which are much less about hyping up subscribers and more about providing consistent information.

The tl;dr for Talonflame is: situational upgrade in GL, reasonable upgrade in UL but you’ve got to take it to lvl50 so probably not worth it unless you are a whale who plays all 5 hours and has millions of stardust.

If registeel was still the tank of choice and Gfisk never came along TalonFlame would be busted good.

I think Gfisk did come along tho…damn…

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Even if there is no G-fisk, the release of Jellicent would just force Registeel to almost disappear, and Probopass would take the steel tank role, which is also hopeless to Talonflame.

Funnily, jelli vs probopass is not as easy for the latter as it seems. In the 2 shield jelli can even win, but that’s provided that the shadow ball bait works.

Anyway, rock (Deoxys, basti, machamp, the occasional melmetal) and water (especially also weather ball now) are simply too abundant in GL. That’s also why charizard is rarely seen.

Correct, but that is already way better than the matchups of Registeel and Bastiodon.

Do you know what is wrong with GO Hub’s database? A hardcore PvE player in my player group recommended GO Hub for attacker ranking for raids. When I went to check, I couldn’t help laughing. Anyone familiar with stats of the top PvE mon and moves can easily notice those ridiculous rankings.
A funny thing is, due to his blind faith in GO Hub, that player wasted an EFTM on Feraligatr. That funny water type ranking says, WG+HC Feraligatr has higher DPS than HC Swampert, Kyogre and even Kingler! What a joke!

Wouldn’t doubt it. :stuck_out_tongue: As I said, not very up-to-date so I’d just pull up Gamepress’ DPS/TDO spreadsheet before going anywhere else. My recommendation was more for the articles i.e. on Talonflame, which I thought similar to Gamepress (though again not quite as frequent).