Blessings and units

I dont really understand the relationship between blessings and the best units to give specific blessings too. For example why is Nowi a great option for wind season and not any other season like fire or earth? As i see it in my barracks my wind legendaries are Lyn, Gunnthra, Lucina, and Byleth. Which of these would be best and why?

If someone could give me a quick run down of the basics on how to form strong blessed parties for AR and in general.


Well first it is dependent on the mode you’re playing

Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind blessings are for non AR modes and are most important for Arena

Light, Dark, Astra, and Anima blessings are exclusively for AR

These of course also tie into Legendaries and Mythics. When using a blessed in the proper season along with a legendary of the same element, that unit’s stats will increase and you’ll get a score bonus in Arena. As such, you are going to find a lot of legendaries of a particular element when that element is in season

For Nowi, for instance, I can see why Wind season would be recommend for her. Legendary Sigurd is an extremely prominent Wind season threat (as he is a Wind legendary) and she will shut him down handily as long as she runs Null Follow Up. She has a similarly good matchup against Legendary Micaiah. Legendary F-Byleth is a problem, but in my experience she isn’t as common as the other two

Other seasons legendaries give her a lot of trouble. In Earth, she can’t hope to tank Julia, Claude, or Nanna. In Fire, nearly all the highest scoring legendaries are green, and the one who isn’t (Lilina) will still rip into her with her AoE. For Water, M-Byleth with his green color and Sublime Heaven will destroy her, and a lot of the other popular water legendaries are high Atk blue units. Like you have to keep her well away from L-Dimitri and speedy variants of L-Chrom will tear her to pieces


So i should have blessed units that have a useful bonus to them given by a legendary to combat other specific legendaries?

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That’s the idea for Arena

However, you need merges on your units, especially your legendaries, for the best scores.

If you don’t have a +5 or so legendary I wouldn’t use them over a +10 normal unit and wouldn’t bother with blessings unless the legendary is currently a bonus unit. This is really only important for T20+.


Thank you! That helps. I never really focused on merging legendaries since ive have legendarily bad luck on those banners. My highest is L!Marth so ill focus on Fire seasons for now.

Is there a “best season” for a specific unit or setup?

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Well for Arena in particular BST becomes an extremely important contributer to scoring high enough to maintain T21

In particular when you hit the 760+ scoring range you can expect virtually every team you come across to consist of +10 legendaries and Duos (especially Duo Chrom and Duo Dagr, as they are currently the highest scoring units in the game thanks to their Prf skills)

But if you’re not concerned about consistently reaching and maintaining T21 (the latter of which is obscenely difficult for FTP to do these days because of all the fishing you have to do for 764 or so matches), don’t sweat it too much

I’ve been using the same core of +10 L-Julia, +10 Libra, and +10 NY Kyza for a long time (well, Kyza was at +9 until this month and I used Rutger before I built them) and have been mostly content drifting between T19 and T20. I’ve gotten 15 Arena crowns from being lucky enough to have a merged bonus unit, usually coinciding with Earth season


If you have a good stash of orbs (200-300 or more) and you want to start with a good Fire Legendary I recommend to summon on L!Xander’s banner only on green. By sniping green orbs you can get either Xander (best scoring Fire legendary as of right now) or Eitri (OP ranged flying PP unit with set canto 2). Both of them also have Prf B skills making them score really high at max merges.

L!Marth sadly doesn’t score much nowadays and isn’t worth the investment right now imo. How many merges do you have on him?