Blue Cavalry merge project

So I’ve got a few merge projects I’m jumping around on (Astram, Frederick, Fae (now finished)) and I really need my next one to be blue. Unless edelgard ends up blue I’ll probably be sniping blue in the upcoming brave units (my blue pool is crazy weak atm), so I’ll hopefully have plenty of copies of these guys.

Along that same line of reasoning, I think a blue Cavalry would be great because I have so much atk/spd solo fodder it’s not funny (Sirius has pitty broken me three times) and horse emblem, while not neccesarily viable, is definitely my favorite way to play.

So I now come to y’all, with the infinite wisdom of democracy, to ask what I should do! Should I start a merge project for Abel, Oscar, or L’arachel? Or should I give up on saving for the brave banner and wait for a blue Cavalry to be a 4 star focus and drop a few hundred orbs getting the copies neccesary there?

Sample builds (not at +10 because I’m not going to be at +10 immediately)


We had a 4 Star focus blue cav (Ferdinand), but that was a couple months ago and he sadly has no Prf. (He also has good fodder because of his Rouse).

It’s hard for me to say which of these is best. It’s important to remember that Atk/Spd Solo somewhat clashes with Oscar and Abel’s Prf effects; it is very likely you will run into cases where you won’t be able to benefit from both the Solo effect and the Prf effect, especially if you’re Galeforcing.

I only have experience with Oscar because of this fella on my friend list:

I use him in Grand Conquests a lot on my cavalry brigade. He’s a very good Galeforcer.


Well Abel and Oscar want to be near allies so atk/spd solo can get a bit wonky at times. Peri is a pretty good lance cav galeforcer and just as easy to merge as those two. She has a good prf that helps her galeforce and isn’t at odds with solo skills. She gets my vote

L’arachel is better off running Glimmer in that kit since she’s not only running Bladetome, thus making it a 5 charge special, but she also will always hit way harder with it. Actually this would be an instance where she would hit harder with Dragon Fang/Draconic Aura since you’re stacking Atk/Spd. I would recommend Lull S/R too. Also, I would at the least recommend still keeping Ivaldi on hand for her. Unless you use Halloween Hector or Surtr, L’arachel will be proccing the effect 99% of the time she initiates combat, so that will further stack her Atk and Spd.

Abel is great on a cav team, but as was previously mentioned, he wants to be near allies. I run HB4 w/ swift sparrow seal or swift sparrow 3 with HB seal. A solo wouldn’t work too well.

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If you have that many Sirius why not just use him?

If I had like 5 maybe, but I’m way more likely to get eleven copies of one of these units than 8 more Sirius.

Did I misread it or did he just need to be within two spaces? Solo is just not adjacent. It’s a bit wonky, but it definitely can work imo, and worst case I can give him a new lance.

Her special was kind of filler, but I’ll keep that noted! And yeah it’s not like I can just get rid of a prf y’know. Considering I’d be mainly running her on cavalry emblem, she’s gonna have +24 pretty often.

But he will be better than the ones you mentioned even at +1. Pick best stats merge and you even have one for fodder.

So I LOVE cavalry units :smile: Personally, I think you should go with Oscar due to his speed advantage, which is like everything to cavalry. The main gimmick is always going to be galeforcing their way through everything, so they’ll need something like Atk/Spd Solo 4 or SS4 to have the attack and speed necessary. However, I definitely recommend holding off for now on who to merge, Blue lance users seem to be IS’s favorite for making demotes. If there’s no good one until the next Brave banner, then maybe splurge on Dimitri since he’ll without a doubt be the blue lancer.

Just as a sample of one of my favorite long term merge projects, this is my Ferdie. Doesn’t totally matter that he doesn’t have a prf since the solution to that for calv is pretty much always Brave lance + galeforce + heavy blade :triumph:


Personally I think Oscar is underrated and is the best f2p lance cav in the game. His prf goes perfectly with another galeforcer, he has a good stat spread, and slaying is a huge deal for cav galeforcers.

Roderick is so close yet so far - if he had slaying, he’d be fantastic, but currently he doesn’t have a role.

Abel is just too unwieldy and inflexible for general use.

Peri - bad first combat is a major blow against her.


No mention of Conrad yet? :feh_almbruh: He’s a grail unit but nonetheless a good mixed tank beefy boi.

But if you are looking for more offensive options, I got a good feeling about Oscar too when I saw his Prf and refine at first, but never built him up due to higher resource allocation priorities. He feels like the best team-based blue cav of the bunch given proper investment. Otherwise Ferdinand is probably the next best bet due to higher BST atm, although I personally would hold out until we see the next easily mergeable lance cav introduced before investing in him since he’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades.

Sirius is more than capable of holding his own in the meantime, even unmerged/low merged. He is a physically-oriented terror on a horse. Gotta deal with possible adjacency dependency issues though.


Join me in madness


But if you want a good, well rounded unit then Ferdinand von Aiger will probably be good.


Oh I didn’t want grail units because I’ve already got a grail based project, Astram.

As for everything else, I think I’ll just wait until a new 4 star cav comes out or I get more copies of these guys. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!


Someone not many people think of is Rody

Most think a firesweep weapon with darting blow isn’t too impressive.
But because normal firesweep weapons can’t be refined he’s a solid offencive unit with unmerged reaching 40 spd with his weapon.

You could also run him with L!Hector or Velouria to have him galeforce instead of glimmer.
He needs that extra charge at the start because of the lack of counters but it can be potent if done right.

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I agree with Peri - i LOVE her, she was my first +10 Cav, and she is FANTASTIC. pretty easy and simple too. Brazen refine, LND(or Fury) 3, desperation, spd smoke, and heavy blade. bam.

she’s a star in MS for me as well (not to mention GC)

I would build Ferdinand. (I just haven’t even gotten him). - i will say I am team “it’s okay if they don’t have a Prf” train because then you can be a lot more creative :) (if i had managed to get a Gilt Fork for him. that woulda been great).

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Oh you read correctly, Abel with a solo is wonky to need a melee cav within two spaces but not adjacent.:feh_lucyshrug:
I don’t use cavs except on cav teams, so he works great for me with the builds I mentioned (aka not a solo). If I recall, he even gets more stats the more allies there are near him. Let me get a screenshot

I had a similar problem when I was deciding between merging Mathilda and Abel, but I went with Mathilda since she uses all of her stats more for tanking, supporting and offense whereas Abel’s pretty much pure offense.

In this case I’d recommend Oscar since he wants to use all his stats as a galeforcer (in my experience with a low merged Oscar, he especially needs help with his attack to pass heavy blade checks). Abel’s a great unit to build if you’re just looking for someone to fit in your cav team but doesn’t really need the merges as much.

Although if L’archel got a refine similar to mage Eirika, that build you have would be pretty damn strong on her. So maybe hold off on investing too much 'til we see what she gets.

Here’s the build i use for my Abel, since I don’t currently have access to HB4 or Lull A/S.

I started using him the moment he got his refinery update and he’s been a staple in every long term cav team I’ve put together. I don’t know how easy to access he is atm, but if you can get him, I’d say go for it.

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I recommend Ferdie. I view his lack of prf as a blessing, allowing him to very easily run a variety of builds. At +10 he outclasses even Sirius imho.


The last one is specifically for Rokkr Sieges as that’s the only place I’d really trust him to win Heavy Blade checks with a brave weapon.

If you don’t want a lance Cav then try Ursula. She will require team support but she has a very high damage ceiling.