Blue Flame for WoM Bond Canas?

Not really much I have to say for why I’d want to do this. “If adjacent to an ally, deal +25 damage” on a bond build just makes sense. The question is, would it perform better than Glimmer?

(This build is to represent the build at its completion, and when Atk/Spd Bond 4 comes out)

Flat damage is always great, can help punch through bulkier opponents where glimmer would flop, and would go nicely with the massive attack and speed boost he’d be getting from bonds. Time’s Pulse would help make sure Canas can get consistent Blue Flames off when he initiates, although he can’t get it consistently on the enemy phase, that’s not a problem cause he’s a player phase unit first and foremost.

I can’t really think of any downsides off the top of my head, other than “It’s premium fodder” or something that has to do with damage scaling with Glimmer. So if any of you guys have a point on that, I’d like to hear it.


Dewit :royyes:


Almost certainly better than glimmer. Even better if the Blue Flame is pre-charged.


Almost definitely better than Glimmer, I would agree. Seems worthwhile for bonds business.


Iceberg would do the exact same amount of damage as Blue Flame when adjacent. And can get even higher with buffs :tooobin:

And it has the same cooldown as Blue Flame.
So outside of scoring Blue Flame isn’t worth it at all.


They want Atk/Spd Bond 4 for an A though :eyes:

Atk/Res Bond 4 is a placeholder.



Still. After a +6 Res buff Iceberg only deals 1 damage less when adjacent and over twice as much damage if not.


Between you and me this guy’s kinda forced to be next to an ally

It’s up to them above anything.

I actually never thought of using Iceberg (even though 40 res was stating me in the face), thanks for bringing that to my attention! I’ll definitely keep that in mind since it can work without him adjacent to an ally so long he has a Res Buff to help.