Blue kiwi is done :feh_birbpeek:

Ive grinded the entire forging bonds rerun for him, andtons of low difficulty chain challenges, but it was worthy.

My sausage fingers sent the thread before I finished writing ;; this is his current build, to work with beasts and sending glaciEST, but I’m hoping to get some sabotages and support skills for a less angry build.


A dancer that can be IPed and is ready to fire off a 40+ damage glacies is a little concerning…


It is <3 the only character that I remember surviving his glacies is Bike, but I know there were a couple more cases of green units with high HP. When it’s charged, Rafiel usually kills whoever is in front of him :ok_hand:t2::sparkles:


Congrats! He looks good

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That RES

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Ups, I hope it doesn’t sounds too bad, I think I literally translated a Spanish expression lol

Thanks! <3

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It’s :ok_hand:t2::sparkles:

I usually forget that he can tanks dragons and it surprises me everytime he stops a fallen Corrin. It’s a nice experience

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Oh, no it sounded fine.

It just gave me quite the image is all. :joy:

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Omg that build

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Ugh I bet it would be so satisfying to face-tank a fallen corrin. It’s so annoying when they single-handedly dismantle your team.

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