Blue Mew or master gbl

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I get most of my walking while I’m adventure sync driving to work, so I’ll report back in a couple of months. I could walk/run when I wake up at 4:45am but I play GBL til 6:25am instead

Mine is rather tragic. Very bad IVs.

Will likely send it to Pokemon home in the future. Had the IVs been better then I would likely push it to lv. 40. Above that however is simply not posible for a normal player, due to how the XL candy system works with mythicals.

In general my mythicals have been bad. Normal mew 13/13/15, Normal celebi 15/11/12, shiny celebi 10/15/11 , Jirachi 10/14/14…

Similar luck here. It’s a nice looking shiny, but oof, the IVs are baaaaaad.

Seeing as I don’t PvP it doesn’t matter, but I suppose a hundo would have been nice for showing off

Wait when did shiny Mew come out?

It was part of the Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto event back in February. If you purchased a ticket for the event and finished the Special Research you then unlocked the second Special Research which was for shiny Mew. If you didn’t purchase a ticket you’ll have to wait and see when/if Niantic releases shiny Mew to everyone.

The normal mews values are great. A lot more than average, so, congrats. Mine is quite bad, but ok for UL at least, 10/14/11. Even those of the blue one are good, so you had quite some mew-luck :D

Not really, I always invested only in what has an attack above 14 and the overall stats well over 90. Granted niantic with the shadow boost ruined everything, but old habits die hard, so I really see no purpose for either mew. They would have been a fun pseudo ice attacker vs ray ray, like porygon is, but those IVs don’t cut it for me

Well, a purpose for mew is anyway difficult, except for pvp, so… But yep, for pvp the values are not good anyway

Jirachi 10/14/14…

Umm, that’s rank 5 for GL and rank 2 for UL

And? I wanted a jirachi for raids. So that’s already a major disappointment.
Plus, there’s no way I’m giving out 100K dust for something that gets walled by whiscash. Not to mention how panfully slow its fast moves are.

I only pvp to get the elite TM and after that I don’t bother anymore with it for the whole season, due to how unfun it is and how bad the awards are for the time one must waste to reach rank 20. This is why I won’t bother with expensive things that have no viability outside of pvp.

If Niantic wanted to give it some use in pve, then they would have to give it Confusion, which it can learn, they just didn’t bother so far. Then again, most mythicals have rather bad moves. Celebi too for quite a while didn’t even have a grass move.

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Jirachi is good for raids? I thought MM metagross is the thing to be…

Hmm, confusion on Mew wouldn’t be as great as SC, or? Less use especially in UL and ML. I rarely use mine, but SC makes most sense as far as I can see, faster and better coverage. STAB is nice, but most mons in UL and ML resist psychic anyway


I only pvp to get the elite TM

How long does it take you to get the ETM now? I’ve not bothered since the ETM moved from R7 to R20, I genuinely feel the will to live leeching out of me with every round I play.

My rough reckoning it’ll still take me an hour a day for maybe 2 months.

MM metagross is the best, but jirachi can have some niche use and personally I like adding such picks to the team.
SC is better in pvp, confusion would be for making mew an OK psychic attacker in raids. In pvp confusion is way too slow, so it wouldn’t benefit much from it. The only mon that kind of bypasses this flaw is hypno, due to having better bulk and the punch moves.

Way too long, that’s all I can say. I’m not giving them money, so I’m forced to do pvp, but it does take a while and I take breaks from it as well. Would probably be way faster if I let the first half of the season go by and then battle to finish earlier, since the try hards have a higher rank

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I wondered if I was overestimating the time but I’m probably not. I see your point re the paying, but for me, I’ll gladly compromise my principle to not “work” an extra hour a day for what is, effectively, about £10. If it takes, say, 60 hours, I’m “paying myself” about 17p per hour.

20 years ago, I’d likely have done it, but not now.

I still have to catch 800 pokemon and do the field research to become worthy fingers crossed for pvp ivs or hundo :)

I genuinely feel the will to live leeching out of me with every round I play.

The last time I got an ETM from GBL was either September or October. I completely agree with you on this, it’s life draining and time consuming.

It’s bad enough I’ve got to do 45 rounds at some point for the lvl45 bonus research… 8 days and 23 rounds down so far… I might finish that one by summer

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Does that one not have the workaround that it’s just “battle” not “win”?

I did the earlier one just throwing my 3 lowest HP mon into series and watching them get battered.