Blue stacks emulator for fgo

Is it working yet? I know it stopped working a while but the issue is now that it no longer crashes on boot up but on opening the actual game. its not particularly important as my accounts are on my phone right but it would still be nice if i could get them on my far less leggy emulator.

I only tried using bluestacks very recently and so far I don’t find any issue, the game runs perfectly.

except maybe that I have to dl the apk from apkpure because I can’t download the game through google play bc ‘the application isn’t available in your location’ or something like that.

Yep, been using BlueStacks again for almost a month now. You’re free from Nox.

Qooapp takes care of that, usually.

Also using BS here, had no trouble with it since that one week-long downtime or so. Latest maintenance-woes went by without a hitch, too, so we should be good. Keep an alternate emu on drive + transfer code just in case, though.

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hmm thank you, noted for when I run into issues with my current method