Body Slam for Slaking

Taiwan Pokemon Go official accidentally leaks Body Slam as the exclusive move for Slaking community day. No new fast move for Slaking.

If true, this will be the most boring CD ever.

I’ll throw some eggs on when it starts, maybe check for some special lures, and call it a day. Not even psyched for the shiny.

Oh boy. I’m soooooo excited if this ends up being true.

Maybe I’ll grab one for the novelty? Do a little bit of shiny hunting? But seriously, if this ends up being true, it will be the most uninspiring CD ever, bar none.

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Actually very happy about this. Will be nice to be able to ignore a community Day and not feel like I’m missing out on something. Maybe play for half an hour or so to catch a shiny or two and evolve it for novelty, then call it a day.


I would agree. Target is more on Vigoroth due to the PvP utility.

Wouldn’t it make Slaking a lot more annoying to deal with when placed in a gym? I’ve saw snorlax spam that and it’s not fun to see.

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He will be better in a gym, but won’t outclass the other normal types so he will still be more Machamp bait and free gym points

I don’t know if body slam is actually better than play rough on slaking. Of course i’ll grab some, but my personal experience is taking slaking with machamp. Play rough is tricky to dodge and takes chunks of damage, even KO if higly motivated. Body slam spam is annoying, but the move is not as nearly as powerfull as play rough, and machamp takes neutral damage from it. Metagross resists both moves, so…
Plus, a defensive type normal tank with body slam? I think I saw this combination before

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think your right, big, chubby, green, and I think its got an actual fast move and some PvP viability

Agree, slaking with PR is better, since it at least threatens machamp to some extent, no matter how small since ones its demotivated so about 2/3rds, it might not even get the move off. Metagross iron walling it doesnt help either, generally having something to deal with one missed out on dealing with the other, unless you’re gyarados.

Im just happy the 98% I evolved for a dex entry wasnt wasted, since thats…really what slaking is, unfortunately.

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I always thought it was blue?

My Machamps often knock Slaking out before it can get off a single Play Rough. Body Slam is, well, spammable even when not at full motivation.

blue, green, I think it depends on where you’ve seen it, ive seen some times when its definitely a green, others when its in between and some when its just kinda dark.

Body slam might be spamable, does it doesnt really threaten damage too much, a bit of what made big green/blue chub dangerous was body spam, I mean slam, and its psychic fast move, when you’re only taking BS’s damage, it really doesnt do much, even with slacking’s big stats. Might be more able to get one off, but not sure if it will really do much. But I agree, my champ’s often punched through slaking before it can fire a play rough off even at high motivation

Green?!?! Seriously do you even play the game?

Well look at that. And the games pokedex list it under the color ‘black’ so there’s that.

And for an in game image, what would you call this? Looks closer to green than blue to me at least.

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Like myself, @MetagrossMaxis and I are simply the greatest players ever. Yes, we both play the game. Bow before our awe inspiring might! Watch us go easily two man a Dragonite, solo a Floatzel, and gloat with our shiny and hundo Pokémon!


Looks blue to me…

One could argue either case.

Body Slam can be launched more rapid-fire than Play Rough can and being 3-bar it’s more likely to actually be used as a defender. Play Rough on the other hand hits Machamp for SE damage and will seriously maim it if the attacker fails to dodge.

Both are roughly equally hard to dodge with Play Rough having an extra 0.1s before the dodge window opens. As for the Snorlax comparison, Snorlax also has actual fast moves to do some damage in between.


It’s altered slightly from one game to the next. I’ve always seen it as closer to blue myself, though the 2004, 2009, and 2014 sprites/model have more noticeable hints of green. It’s definitely in that ambiguous zone though.

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Blue to my eyes, maybe bordering on Turquoise I suppose.

They could have done so much more. Superpower, seismic toss, mega punch, takedown, or even strength!

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Oh my gosh…its that stupid dress all over again…