Bold fighter fodder and armor galeforce

Hi, y’all! Got spooked by Kjelle when going for Button!Fonse and wanted to make something interesting of her fodder:

How does he look? Also, are armor galeforce strategies viable in AR?
Thanks in advance!

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I quite like it. :eyes:

I wanna do something like this with LA! Eliwood someday, but I haven’t had any Bold Fighter fodder for months now. :feh_elisad:

@Venatorio has some experience with running Galeforce Armors in AR, so they might have some good insight. Do note that you’ll probably want a second one to pair up with em for Armored March.


Armor march is mandatory

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Ngl this made me laugh. But anyway, that looks pretty fun! he’ll definitely have the bulk to run in and galeforce it up. For AR, you might wanna have an Armor Marcher or use some Big Brain Smite Strats


@KupicZR :feh_surtr:

Not super experienced with armored galeforce teams in AR, but you’re gonna need armor march somewhere. A green armor partner would be best for zephiel. L! Hector is by far the best choice.

Is it a good set to run? Yes.
Is it fun? Yes.
Is it good in AR? I don’t know, haven’t tried it there, partially because I prefer to bait foes than attack and get hit by a mandatory bolt trap.

Besides, my playstyle is neither superbuffing nor AoE spamming, so it’s not like I’m good at AR anyway :feh_legion:


Thanks all of you for your replies! Well, then it’s settled! As for his partner, these are my two options:

Which one would you recommend?

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It’s like we’re the same person.

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Eliwood cause he’s the best boi :feh_tooobinyes:

Also cause he’s got the Spd to avoid doubles which can be very handy for survival, though the biggest real difference is color. Surtr probs wants QP seal if he isn’t running a Slaying Axe though. :feh_surtr:

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