Bold Fighter

So, rolled the MHB and got a B!Hector. I already have two so this one will almost surely be sacrificed for his BF. I’ve never sacked anyone for BF (or any of the fighters really) so can I get some help choosing? Kind of tempted to make the disgusting BK but who else wears it well?

Most armors can use Bold Fighter well.
It turns out that a skill that guarantees a double with no regard to your speed & a blade effect is just good.
Who do you have in mind? It’s easier to recommend something when you give some selectiosn to choose from :birbpeek:


Anyone with the potential to kill is a good user with Bold Fighter. Usually Armors with high Atk.


Was thinking of making this LA!Lyn build:

I was lazy with the A-skill though. Just my build for Lyn

Fair enough… Take a look at my armor collection, I haven’t merged any of the free ones.

Maybe Grima???


W!Cecilia/LA!Eliwood are nice candidates for Bold Fighter. (Built correctly, that is)

Most of your armors either

  1. Already have Bold Fighter
  2. Are enemy phase units that prefer a different B skill like Vengeful Fighter
  3. Other reason (Amelia with her high Speed doesn’t need Bold Fighter/ Ephraim has Garm)

Like everyone else has said, Winter Cecilia is a nice choice.
LA Eliwood works as well.
Bold Fighter could work on Grima if you wanted to build him that way.
Other than that, there aren’t many others (besides BK of course).
I recommend Winter Cecilia, she’s a mergeable grail unit & works very well with Bold Fighter. :birbpeek:

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Bold fighter can be pretty strong on AR def. If you care at all about AR I would suggest working on a team and setup that uses it, especially if you’re concerned about pulse smoke.

Black Knight with a brave sword and BF

Just thinking, I have a spare L!Hector lying around as well, ought I to sacrifice him to Zeph? I feel like he deserves a proper build…

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Wut? Zeph is more annoying with Wary fighter because you can’t double him

You can make a solid Player Phase Grima with Death Blow and Bold Fighter; but he functions just as well, if not better, as a counter-tank. I’d say Eliwood or Cecilia, since Kagero has it naturally.

If you’re interested, Effie is great with bold fighter and galeforce.

And you can use a 5* Cordelia for Brave lance+ and galeforce for a quad build.