Bold statement?: Flashing Blade sucks

I hate the fact that I can’t use Flashing Blade on my Brave Eliwood, and I can’t take my Heavy Blade seal off my Tibarn, so now imma rant lol.

IMHO? Flashing Blade is pretty dang optionless.

  • Flashing Blade is only usable by Infantry and Armors.

  • Most Armor units are too slow to make use of it (only characters that come to mind are Valentines Ike, Black Knight and Zelgius, and they are all swords)

  • All of the speediest infantry units are sword units. There are some speedy axe/lance infantry units, like Hilda and Summer Ylgr (who was specifically made for it mind you, because she comes with it), but the point is here that there aren’t nearly as many OPTIONS for Flashing Blade as there are for Heavy Blade.

  • There are speedy magic infantry units as well, but let’s admit it: the best use of Flashing Blade/Heavy Blade is Galeforce. If the foe can’t strike back (which is the case for most magic users), the seal/skill isn’t enough to get enough cool down for Galeforce to work.

All I’m trying to say is if Flashing Blade could work with all movement types, I really don’t think the game would be that much more broken, and there’d be a lot more options as to what builds we could create.

I’ve probably forgotten a lot of things in this opinion, but what do you all think?


I don’t really get why Flashing Blade isn’t available on all movement types either. I don’t really see what it would be breaking in the game in all honesty.


It sucks compared to Heavy Blade, but it still comes in handy. You can never have too many ways of accelerating cooldown.


Bro flashing blade is an amazing skill and you’re saying it’s bad
I’m confused


It’s weird that FB isn’t available on other movement types.

And it’s almost completely useless on armors, since even the speedy ones have a much better option with Special Fighter.


Caeda and Clair’s refine:


More seriously though,I believe it was made unusable by the other type 'cause it could’ve made broken units at the time even more broken.I mean,imagine B!Lyn from before with Flashing Blade,that would’ve caused a lot of problems.

At least,that’s my take on it.


It being a limited option, doesn’t make it a bad option


I totally forgot that Flashing Blade is usable by armors though


Honestly if you can find anyone who uses FB on an armor, I’ll be thoroughly impressed


Because there’s little to no reason you’d run it on them outside of budget. Fighter skills are way better for special acceleration.


Yeah is sucks. Being available for infantry and armors is the reason why caeda and Clair are great tbh.


The Flashing Blade seal is permanently stuck to my Lon’qu because of those restrictions.

I still have the dream of Flashing Blade 4 Felicia, though.

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Another Raven user! :hridexcited:

I only equipped LnD for that beautiful Atk stat. :kleinyes:



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You’re just looking for a target for your frustration. It’s ok. You seem to be aware of it.

Because being really good only on a bunch of infantry, mostly swords and some ranged units, doesn’t make it bad. I always want a flashing blade galeforcer on my AR galeforce teams because defense teams often pack a lot of atk which makes heavy blade hard to use.


Flashing blade + Quad build Brave Lyn? Sign me up

RIP the two units with Basilikos LnD refine :doublelion: :linusattack:
And tbh there are more units who can use it than you think

I guess heavy blade was powerful when it was first released, and the flashing blade counterpart would make cav and flier very powerful? I can’t see why else they would limit it
But today it doesn’t really make sense anymore

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Yoo Raven squad rise up!


This sucks, but that alone doesn’t make Flashing Blade useless.

This is true, and armor units benefit more from Bold/Vengeful/Special fighter. Also, them only being swords doesn’t make Flashing Blade suck, it just means you’re more likely to use it with a red unit.

True, but just because there are less options doesn’t mean those options are bad. Also, a skill mainly being for one color doesn’t make it bad, you just shouldn’t use it on units it doesn’t work well with.

Flashing Blade doesn’t NEED to be on a mage. If you give it to a fast unit with a slaying weapon, you can charge Galeforce in two attacks. Flashing Blade with Galeforce is also good on Brave Weapon Quad Builds.

Working on cavalry and fliers would be great, but not required to make it a decent skill.

Overall opinion: Yes, Flashing Blade is more niche than Heavy Blade, but that doesn’t make it ‘suck’.

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All these people with their +10 Ravens and I just have this. Works really well on my Infantry brigade, though.