Bone Zone efficiency


Since the Hunting Quests are available, I really do need to farm these dreaded evil bones and just noticed that the 40ap node may drop you around 2-3 bones upon completion (most I got was 4 at 1 run) with the additional gold saber EXP card. Would it be much more efficient to farm other lower nodes like the 35 and 30 nodes or will Fuyuki still be the best place to farm them?

Just asking for a farmer tending to his Nitocris. (Why do you need so many bones!?!?)


Gonna leave a reply here so i can get an answer aswell, plus the cursed gems, 3 golden apples for 1 red and blue gem is abysmal compared to saber dailies.


From my experience Fuyuki almost never drops bones so the pretty much guaranteed drops from the hunting quest is something I appreciate.

The drop rate for exp (almost as good as the daily ember ) is also great so farming the 40 ap node is very efficent AP wise but I can’t say much about the drop rates on the 30 or 35 ap nodes.


The most bones I got were 5 in one run, and I used 8 golden apples to get 73 bones which I consider is a good amount but I require more 230 bones for skill ups :fgo_illya:

@android21 In how many turns does nitocris clear the quest? I try to clear within 3 to 4 turns with Arash, Atalante, Tesla, waver and support merlin. I want to know if nitocris clears it more easily, if so, I would roll for her.


I am a bit confused.

This guide was literally made by yours truly to answer this question and contains AP/Drop comparisons to the best Free Quests.


Sizzle’s guide covers all your questions, as mentioned.

I’d definitely take this opportunity and drop a few apples if I were you. Bone farming doesn’t get better than this current Hunting Quest, and bone hell is a thing for basically everyone. Some people need like 400 of them for the servants they plan to level, personally I’m more in the 200 range for now (though that can easily change with a lot of servants needing hundreds of the darn things by themselves). Anything that can put a dent in that number without requiring spamming Fuyuki is great in my book. The biggest advantage is how much time you save - getting the same amount of bones from Hunting Quests costs both slightly less AP and a fraction (like 60-80% less) of the time you’d need in Fuyuki.

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Sorry for this my friend. I have a hard time searching for new posts on mobile and possibly didn’t saw this(I blame work). But still thanks for giving the post and I do apologise for my stupid ass being lazy for finding related discussions :tired_face::tired_face:


I’m actually referring to upgrading Nitocris skills. Her damn lvl 9 skills require 60 bones per skill and most likely I wont have enough of it to fully level each 1. Just hoping I van at least upgrade her 1st skill at this point since I dont have enough farming casters. :expressionless::expressionless:

Also I haven’t tried it yet but usually Nitocris is great against bronze mob enemies since they have a higher date rate compared to silver and gold enemies and I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll try and check if she can proc the death chance on skeleton mobs.

FINAL EDIT : Apparently Nitocris can wipe the 1st and 2nd wave if her 1st skill is on a high level(mine was 8) and tried it for 3 runs and she would most of the time NP proc death to the skeleton mobs. As long as you have a starting 50 np and an instant np generator with her 2nd skill lvl 8 you can NP back 2 back.

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I just realized the post came off far more petulant than I intended! :scream: But no worries, you’ll be able to check the comparisons for the upcoming ones as well. I echo the advice to make a dent in those Evil Bones requirements. After years on the JP server, I’ve never held on to massive stacks of bronze materials for long.


I don’t suppose you have any suggestions on how to juggle the hunting quests and the 1/2 AP rank-up quests at the same time, for maximum time/apple/material/AP efficiency?

ex. knowing the material drops we get, is there a hunting day that is somewhat less “lucrative” that I can dump natural AP into rank up quests instead?


I just want to say Im disappointed that we never made a Welcome to the Bone Zone joke.

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Nitocris has a great track record of killing the skeleton king quicker than my archers so far. For a gold enemy he seems to have a really high death rate. Better success at 200% overcharge. (death success rate up skill maxed on mine) Edit: and np2

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Do them on a day you don’t want to farm. Depending on what you’ve rolled you don’t need some of the materials. Scarabs for example are pretty rubbish tbh.


If I am not wrong, I remember there are 3 days after the Hunting Quest that there is still 1/2AP rank up quest. You can do them then.


You should use Arjuna on theses quests, the instant kill on np works well.


I have no quick setups, just Altria Splash Friends.

I also need bones for my new drake, so these quests will be handboney.


I don’t really get why ppl go for waveclear efficiency instead of taking the opportunity to instead farm bond points.
I’m hitting 1.1-1.2k bond points per run of the 40 AP, AND farming bones. There is only so much AP to use, even with Apples, so why not make the most of everything farmable per run instead of doing it as fast as possible?

A couple more turns faster instead of a couple hundred more BP doesn’t seem like a good tradeoff to me.


I get it. If you’re pressed for time, and still wanna get as much farming in as possible (with apples), finishing a node a couple turns faster can mean you get to run a handful more times than otherwisr


I said this in another post, but to me, the “cost” of mats in these nodes, while good, is reduced by the fact that you have to use apples to get them in large enough quantities to feel great, since the quests only last a day (or an evening, for those who work and can’t play most of the day). And you’ll only get probably 9 or so bones per apple–which while good in comparison, feels somewhat expensive.

I guess part of the deal is that I’m cheap :slight_smile: I’ll wait for mats to come to me more efficiently rather than spend apples to get them NOW. I don’t rush to improve servants–I’ll let it take months.


It is a fun fact that Summer Altria can solo these bones. And Spriggens. And any sword foe you care to name…

And Altria.

I really want her myself.

Mostly, If you have Mash and Hans leveled, and a Summer Altria Friend of 6/6/6 Skill Rank. You can put BB, and 2 others in the back to bond farm this. Not much help so late, but still useful to know.

Also taking this chance to Level Memories of the Far Side of the Moon. Decent enough.