Bonus doubler or CC on Niles

Hi there. It was quite a bit since i created topic last time, so im sorry if i chose wrong tag words. :elisad:
So i want to build up Niles for astra AR season as main carry unit for high AR ranks, im in tier 18-19 atm bc ii have to get 2 Nagas firts as i have 0 astra mythic heroes as of yet, nonetherless i cant decide on a build i should give to my Niles, CC+ vantage or BD + Null C disrupt.
Here my current build on him, i upgraded him at the time he got his prf weapon, thats why he got this build

Since Kaden’s prf has similar effect to BD i thoght to build him like this

He will have extra 6 + atk and res from atk/res link and his prf. (forgot to change iceberg for sol)

Or to buff every stat and give him bonus doubler with mystic boost?

I am really dont know what to do, i know i can do both builds but since i rarely change builds i’d love to use one.
Also i’m really conserned with his lowish atk stat to heal reliably from sol, since even my Matthew has issues healing from said special skill, despite having good atk stat with his prf in mind…

I can try to copie Akariss’s build and use him with B!Lucina

but i do feel like he got great refine so i’m not sure i should dump it for extra hp and res, i think Niles could do more than that, but who know, maybe i’m too bias here.

There’s one man that can help ya out



The close counter build won’t really work
All dragons hit for def. So he’s dead when a close enemy attacks him

And 58 without guaranteed special isn’t high enough atk for vantage


What if i can pull Naga for effective damage against dragons, will it solve the problem? Also if i will get 2 Eirs i can sacriffice one for mythic boost to force dragons target his res stat instead.

That Mystic boost might be a better idea if you want CC

But I feel Niles mostly is good at dueling mages and player phase in general.
Bonus doubler might work best for that if you have a way to buff his atk, spd and res

I have Titania that buffs all stats by 4 with atk/res tactic and spd/def link, so thats not a problem for me.

Close Counter is a poor choice for Niles without Mystic Boost since everything will hit his poor Def stat. Furthermore, he doesn’t have high enough Attack to reliably Vantage kill stuff. Kronya or Broadleaf Fan Sothe are far more reliable colorless Vantage units.

Bonus Doubler could be interesting to make him a solid ranged tank – not a bad idea since many AR threats are ranged. However Panic will be a huge threat – you’ll have to find a way to reliably crush Panic towers and beware Panic staves. Personally I think DD4 would be his most ideal A slot if going that route.

I know about Kronya and broadleaf fan, since i missed the banner i’m building Matthew myself,

(he lacks prf cause builder doesn’t have it atm, he got 46 atk with prf equiped).
i’m full aware of other options but i’d like to build Niles, if anything i can build up a Jeorge that can do both vantage and tanking strats. I just thought that Kaden can imitate bonus doubler to help Niles shine in both areas, guess that wont work.