Book 4 Discussion

Soon Book 4 will be here. What are you guys hoping for from Book 4? What story? What free unit do you hope for?

book 4 is for… november? we have like… 6 months of book 3 to see.
The plot of book 3 is pretty slow but i like it… for now


i hope for big ass dope trailer like book 2 and book 3 had


Hey, we are halfway there.

I hope that after book III, we’ll see Líf, Thrasir, Hel, and Gustav on a banner.

And that Hel powercreeps every flier up to that point, since she basically needs that at this point.

And I hope we can delve into what happened to the other Askrs, but I don’t know where the story is going, honestly…

Pretty sure in the Feh Channel introducing Hel, Feh mentioned that Askr would never become friends with Hel. Ever.

Well since they’re combatting death itself this time, how about Book IV goes back to the game’s roots with some intense Askr vs Embla action? Perhaps introduce some more of Alfonse & Sharena’s and Veronica’s family and start some drama between the two countries again.

Perhaps give Bruno the comeback he’s been waiting for?

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What happened with Surtr, then?

I have a feeling there will be no more story mode when book 3 is done.

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They never specified that Surtr would be playable or not, but they hinted that Hel might not be playable.

Maybe a playable alt? Like Bruno or Veronica?

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Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

Because of the whole “challenging death” thing?

What about the Dragons?

Why do you think that?

When was it specified that Hel would not be playable?

Dunno, just feel like there wouldn’t be much after fighting death itself. But who knows.

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The game is reaching a major high point, i think it would be very much out of their general favor to end it here. They’ll keep going I believe. Plus there’s way too many unanswered questions.

We all need those 3 orbs per part, though.

meh idk

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