Book IV Story Analysis & Predictions {Dec. 5, 2019}

As promised, I’ve decided to analyze the Book IV reveal trailer again and make some story predictions for it based on what was shown.

[Disclaimer: This thread is purely for conjecture! Nothing I say is guaranteed to be correct. IS may still follow the same lackluster patterns of story-writing as they have their last few Books, this is merely theorizing.]

As the trailer begins, we are given a view of a sleepy city at night time, which I am assuming is meant to be Askr. Colorful lights dash off from every house in the city and shoot upwards into a sky filled with Aurora before Sharena and Alfonse wake up in the supposed “land of dreams”. If I had to take an obvious guess, this is everyone’s sleeping consciousness being whisked away to dream while they sleep, including Alfonse and Sharena (assuming they went to this world while they were actually asleep at the beginning the Book).

It is quite clear right away that this is not the Askr siblings’ usual adventure of willingly charging into another world to stop an evil force. No, this appears to be something they woke up to very sudden and it seems to me that our new fairy protagonist, Peony, has brought them here herself to help her stop an impending danger. Why Alfonse and Sharena? Well… They are the protagonists of course, but perhaps Peony has summoned them here because she’s been watching them save the world time and time again. Now she wants them to help her too.

Something of note, pay attention to the fact that the world appears to be upside-down. Obviously, this is the land of dreams so everything will behave oddly and against the usual laws of nature.

Needless to say, the Askr siblings have very likely been brought here against their will but they inevitably will agree to help Peony stop the impending darkness (Nightmare realm? Perhaps elves and dark elves will come into play?) out of the goodness of their hearts. As ya do.

The trailer picks up speed after the bizarrely innocent scene of Peony greeting the Askr siblings in their moment of awakening. As they’re visibly trying to figure out where they are, she takes them to what looks like the sanctuary of a castle or even a temple. We meet a strange and unknown “ruler” or “leader” of sorts who’s gender at the moment is unknown. If I had to guess, I would say this is a male and that he is likely the leader of the land of dreams in one way or another. Males probably won’t be very common in this world at all, so there might be some significance to that.

The meeting of this androgynous leader of sorts is short-lived however as a nightmarish beast ascends from behind him and lunges the group before he unleashes some sort of magic that dumps them all into a freakishly large collection of twisted vines where we meet two of our confirmed antagonists, Triandra and Plumeria. They are fairies like Peony, but with a visibly darker twist.

The fight that ensues between them is pretty straight forward. Until Alfonse gets totally yeeted on by Plumeria and nearly dies before Peony turns gold in color and extends her hand to save him at the last minute.

This results in a flash of light, followed by Alfonse and Sharena waking up again… To the same scene at the beginning of the trailer. And this is where the trailer ends.

Lots of conjecture here but very likely, Peony has a certain amount of control over this land through the dreams of others. Could this be some form of time manipulation? I personally believe that Peony just reverted the Askr siblings to their sleeping state so they could try and try again each time they fail.

Obviously, our heroes are out of their element this time around. And looking at the sneak peek we got of the first chapter-- through the new heroes trailer-- we can see Bruno and Veronica have both returned!

My theory for the Embla siblings is that they’re going to be pawns of the new baddies, brought here in a similar manner as our heroes though by a much less friendly source.

Some other thoughts and theories on Book IV:

  • Peony is going to have something important she’s hiding from the party. Perhaps the truth of who she is? Perhaps Triandra and Plumeria are actually her sisters?
  • Some impending threat is going to be looming over Askr while the nightmarish realm we know nothing of yet is looming over the “land of dreams”. I feel this may be the case especially since our Summoner was nowhere to be seen in this trailer. Where is he/she at during this dreamtime madness? Will he/she just be thrown into the events that play out despite not being seen? I feel like there’s a specific reason he/she wasn’t in the trailer this time.
  • The androgynous “leader” at the beginning will be the god/goddess of dreams. It might be a slight stretch but I think this is very likely. The 3 fairy girls may even be his/her daughters.
  • Follow-up theory: The androgynous leader may or may not be a villain. It is hard to tell because while them being a villain might be plausible, you may notice that he summoned some sort of magic and then struck the nightmarish creature with it before the scene change. Was this an interaction with the creature? Or an attempt to destroy it?

These are my thoughts and theories I came up with. But TL;DR, what thoughts or theories do you have about the new Book? Feel free to share any you may have!


i completely agree

nice analysis of the things, hopefully it won’t be too bad. i think the writing has gotten a little better with book 3 so perhaps it will prove to be even better. not getting my hopes up though


Nice analysis. It does seem to me that Alfonse and company get involved with the fairy people by their own volition; mostly because in the trailer you can see some snippets of the first chapter and it seems the queen mentions people getting affected by some weird sleeping condition.

That does lead me to believe that they are probably going to investigate and get tangled with whatever situation the fairy people have.


I’m hoping for some intriguing plot twists this time around. If they can catch me off guard even once, I’ll be sufficiently impressed.

Also Triandra and Plumeria are the best part of Book IV already, don’t @ me


Based on Triandra’s prf, hers and Peony’s have opposite effects, so I imagine her and Plumeria are supposed to act as foils to Peony. "It’s a bit disappointing because of their aesthetics being “obviously good” and “obviously evil” especially since Feh outright stated so


This is something I thought about too. If Madoka and Symphonia have taught me anything, obvious good is not always so obvious. It’d be a very refreshing change of pace if the apparent good guy turns out to be not so much after the disappointment that was the incredibly flat villainy of Surtr and Hel


we agree on so many things




It is certainly possible they’re going there of their own free will. Though my thoughts are that we are introduced the bizarre sleeping condition people are falling under and it becomes a pressing subject of concern-- before the Askr siblings succumb to the same condition as well. It’s slightly difficult to tell at the moment!


While I do agree with you that Triandra and Plumeria are very likely just foils to Peony, I truly do hope they’re related to Peony in some way. Such as being sisters. I feel this would make things much more personal for Peony and adds more depth the girls’ characters collectively.

This androgynous individual we don’t know as of yet has me very intrigued as well and I’m very much hoping that they’re a “not everyone is as they seem” type of character. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I’ll say one thing: I’m expecting some Groundhog Day esque shenanigans going by the part where Alfonse seemingly dies and wakes up at the start.


Groundhog Emblem starring Bill Murray as Prince Alfonse


@Bow-of-Sacae you’re a wrong dummyface

they look like spooky barbie fairytopia now with skin tight bodysuits and lokiface syndrome


Im gonna go out on a limb and agree on the androgynous person being a villain or at least a more “morally gray” individual. Juxtaposing harsh leaders with benevolent people its pretty classic and it usually leads to interesting results, so i hope they do something similar.


Plot twist the evil king/god fairy is just Ramsay looking for the lamb sauce


My first thought is the music reminds me of Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time specifically. Or a carnival I guess. I really do hope some sort of twist that I didn’t expect happens.
Please no time travel, I hate time travel bleh. It makes my head hurt.


Sticks and stones may break my bones…

… But sometimes words do hurt me. :catcry:


oh the music

the music imo was annoying and repetitive

no real rhythm

i feel like it was a miss on that part

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i love you though


also the video moves around too much when it comes to the “fight scene”

that’s also when the music is just absolute shit


Perhaps the music was to sound a little off on purpose. It’s IS so probably not but I can pretend. That fight scene made me nauseous.

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