Books and boobs and pecs, oh my - it's the Back to School 2021 roll thread!

DW has decided to release JP’s KYOMAF 2019 banner as part of the Back to School campaign in NA featuring some Raita servants - so if you’re looking to pick up Murasaki, Kintoki or Lancer Raikou then this is your chance!

The schedule:
2021-09-10 19_28_48-Back to School Campaign 2021 Part 2 (US) _ Fate_Grand Order Wiki _ Fandom — Mozi

Featured every day - the 4* prefect of public decency (somehow in the skimpiest possible outfit) and one of my most-used boss killers:

Examples of questionable decency

Solo rate-up starting later today - everyone’s favorite 5* librarian with one of the coolest NP animations in FGO:

I like big books and I cannot lie!

Solo rate-up starting Monday evening - 5* mr. Golden himself, to my knowledge still the hardest-hitting single-target Berserker in the game:

That Heian Warrior costume looks hella cool!

Good luck on your rolls, friends! As for me, I will definitely try to get an extra NP level for Raikou - she’s murked so many bosses for me and is bond 10 (which is uncommon for a single-target servant) so I feel like she absolutely deserves to be NP3.

PS: this is my first roll thread and I only made it because no-one else had, so please don’t be too mad if I messed something up! :blush:


Tried for murasaki since I figured if I got her now I could skip next year, but only got raikou, oh well, back to saving


I actually spent around 60 SQ and didn’t get anything.
Then decided that it’s my birthday soon and I could spoil myself a tiny amount of quartz, and 3 singles later, here she comes.

Target acquired and safely home.


I fed some tickets and a multi-roll to the banner and got the Lancer Raikou (and NP2 Murasaki) I’d hoped for.

Missing Kintoki again is okay since NP5 Kama does his job in irregular loops most of the time even without grails. Kintoki’s NP strengthening will be nice, but Append Skills come not too long after that and make Arjuna Alter and other powerful 30% battery Servants much more flexible.


I was going to skip but my desire for a second copy of Raikou was stronger.

10 tickets later it paid off.


I finally got a copy of lancer Raikou after the horror that happened two years ago in only ten tickets. Then I said np2 bruh and I got spooked by fucking Chiyome instead.


A couple multis and

Now to get started saving for caenis

For real this time


60 SQ netted me NP2 Shikibu and I’m so happy about it. :fgo_ereshlove: (was previously NP1 of course).

Glad to know she’s being kinder than when she was initially released (700 SQ for 1 copy) :catroll:


I wrong-lucked hard on this one. Thrown a few multis with the hopes of getting at least one copy of Summer Raikou. NP1 Kintoki or NP2 Murasaki would have been great too… Instead I got this:

I guess this is the way of the game of telling me that I should forget about Murasaki and focus on Anya. She is now NP3 (all from spooks lol).


I’ve been lamenting the fact that most of my AOE Casters are SR, so Murasaki was definitely tempting. An NP2 Kintoki would have been nice too, so I decided to roll on the dual rate-up.

With 60 SQ, I got two copies of Lancer Raikou and a copy of Murasaki! Blessed banner!!


Man, I love when I don’t listen to myself.

Took the bait and dropped a few more multi + singles.

Got 2 Raikou’s in 1 multi. :catdance:


Then did a few singles ; saw a Gold Lancer Card :

Elizabeth :/

Then, a gold Berserker Card : could it be?!


Oh, the troll.

Right after, a Gold Archer Card : …no clue.

…what? :feh_sothishook:

Ok, now I’m speechless at this point, but no Brotoki, so I press forward.

Long loading…Silver Berserker Card, aww man.

…oh wait, it’s turning to gold?!

OH HELL YEAH! Got the Golden Boy! :fgo_gaooo:

I’d like to think this is very good late birthday luck on my end ; so ecstatic right now. :fgo_ereshlove:


I’ve got my jackpot
In 4 tickets
On a split rate-up

I love him so much

Ma boi gonna get his grail once I farm 3 more boxes


NP1 Raikou went without a screenshot.

And in case you were wondering:

I’ve got a month, it’ll be fine! :fgo_insane:

(Copied from the other thread because whatever)


Now, you have the perfect image to counteract the ‘‘Rate-Up is a lie’’ meme. :fgo_gudako:


Threw my 14 EQ tickets at the banner





overall very happy with the result, got the Vlad copy I really wanted and that frees up my ssr ticket a bit

Also got a 2nd PC and 2nd 2030 so that was officially probably the luckiest series of rolls I’ve ever had


Man, Vlad sure loves to spook people rolling for Berserkers - I got one while rolling for Godjuna. Makes me laugh now, but I sure as hell wasn’t laughing then! :laughing:


I kinda want to throw quartz at kintoki…




One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us…!


I’m rolling in half an hour.

Trying to take get one more copy of Murasaki to NP2+ and one more of Raikou to NP3+.