Bored as F (Look at this Chrom)

I’m probably too annoyed so I started to random building some old units on FEH builder

Look at this Chrom, well probably many other sword units are more effective with this build but Why not? Maybe can work well on him too, ignore the fact that build cost a lot.

Do you think it’s effective on him? Or he should stick on the same build as he has like, Double Bonds or classic Fury?


Look at this Chrom. Isn’t he neat? Wouldn’t you say his build is complete~?

I feel like Falchion is his designated niche usually but this is still a fun build. He’ll be a pretty strong powerhouse. I might even like to try something like this on one of my other favorite sword infantry units eventually. Or this could work on lance and axe infantry too. Pretty flexible overall.


yeah that build any infantry could use it, it’s just chrom speed is so low at max merges. Well he could take a darting stance on him to get 6 spd in combat when foe attacks so he eventually reach 52 spd with buff or even just use a QR in seal to be sure he can guarantee make a follow up.


that’s a nice chrom. go for it



I personally want to give him Atk/Spd Bond 4 with his Falchion refine and Spd boon for super speedy Chrom

Now I want Book 4 to have a musical in it


The musical of fairies and hallucinations
Sounds lovely

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