Bored Doctor Chronicles #57: The Cure

Yay I have recovered it :feh_babyseliph:

This is in response to @LeiCiel “How many gatchas are you playing”. Also I would play fgo only in your dreams, ma’am :fgo_gudako:

Anyway, actually 0 should be the acceptable number for gatchas lol. They are evil. But Arknights & Genshin are the 2 I’m playing. They are the only ones that make me feel like I’m actually playing the game & not the IA!

BA & Priconne were too much self-played by IA imo & based mainly on meta. Pretty boring if you stay there only for the story. Glad I have left them in time.

Because if you are a degen collector of waifus in several gatchas, gatcha screws your life xd. I wanna actually play a game, collect waifus should come after that.


Most of us are horny. :fgo_bblaugh:

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The vocaloid??


Mastro you really love making long essays nowadays. I guess your new job is rubbing off of you. :fgo_bbsmile:

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Artificial Intelligence. Yeah sorry, in english the letters are reversed :ak_orcano:


Any reason to play a gatcha should be valid. :fgo_gudako:

Then again people need a reason to gatekeep shit. :fgo_bblaugh:

His new job is essay writing? :fgo_gudako:

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Something like that. :fgo_gudako:

Kinda :fgo_shutensip:

God, Marisa’s new years’ skin is too cute!! :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Time to buy it now. :ak_swirepeek:

I already bought it loong ago~

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Nice. So drooling over it now.

Nice. :ak_swirepeek:

Btw when are Eyja & Ange skins coming? I don’t see them in the shop. Are they for a future event? :fgo_lipburrito:

Probably with Gavial or Vigilo

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With the Gavial rerun after this event.

Cant wait for those skins. :ak_swirepeek:

Well this cm was actually easier than I thought itll be. Even used Carnelians S2 for the first time. :fgo_bbsmile:

Nuclear explosion:


Right, wtf’s this?


I dunno. I am still stuck at the first stage. :fgo_gudako:


Passed it with a Surtr :fgo_gudako:

Btw mountain can take care of the left