Bored Doctor Chronicles #57: The Cure

Morfterning. Just finished doing 50 floors on the new FGO event.

I am done. Will waste my AP for stakes and call it a day. :feh_lucyshrug:

Hope you are doing fine. :catwave:


I just realized that I actually didn’t bring Kal for this fight :feh_facepalm:



Its not like Monster is of any use. /s :fgo_gudako:


All that does is give Grim more work to do on an already long map, if his current setup is more simplistic then it’s already functionally better than what you’re suggesting

Tanking DCs obviously, the point is to have Ifrit finish them off



Perfumer will only need to heal 2 units.

Have you try this one? don’t rely too much on paper knowledge.

Chen exist, any blocker will do, especially with good range and damage. Helps to clear the lane faster, less worries.

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You don’t have too, ranged damage works better there.

If my previous suggestion seems complicated, just take the first one, put Spectre one tile ahead.

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Have you? Far as I can tell every time you’ve given people advice it’s been half-assed suggestions without any actual regards to a person’s roster that isn’t your own

For someone who says “don’t rely on paper knowledge”, you’re sure as hell using it a hell of a lot

And the point is that it’s what is current strategy is and it works, there’s literally no reason to change it if it’s functionally the same

You really think I’m the moron here, imbecile? I literally just told you that doing that would just add something else for Grim to deal with, and his run is already functionally more simplistic, which means that it’s already better. All he needs is a slight adjustment to keep Thorns alive for longer, that’s literally it

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I do, I’m doing anni 3 every week as a stress relief

There always a reason :feh_lucyshrug:

No i didn’t think it that way, all I know is you do like to pick some things with me. :fgo_bblaugh:
Whatever floats your boat man

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In that case what the hell is the point of your statement? Practically everyone here’s done and redone Anni 3 more times than we can count to adjust autodeploys, you ever think about that?

That being?

That’s cuz you’re annoying, you try and act like a smart aleck without any actual thought behind it. Unlike most people I’m not one to hide who annoys me

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You can read minds? Whoaa :catclap:

I’m sorry, i didn’t knew you own the place
It’s pointless to continue
I’ll take my leave here

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300th pull was chalter. Haha
Now to lower her cost.


I’d congratulate you but you sound more in pain than excited :ferdbirb:


Little column A, column B.


At least you got -1 DP Cost?


Yoo. Congrats.

Tho its painful having to go to the spark. :catlie:


You had to spark? Yikes, you had it rough. And here I thought 180+ rolls for one Skadi Alter was bad. My condolences, hopefully your next banner is a lucksack.


Yostar was trolling you indeed :feh_hecstare:, at the right 300th :ak_derptr:

Finish 100 floor

The Amazon box instead of red chest as usual was hilarious :fgo_bblaugh:
Anyway, I really don’t want to play event like this again


Anyone remember in jp update note, there was this line about background change function?

I was wondering why we didn’t have it after Dossoles update, turns out Yostar just had a typo :feh_lucyshrug:



Fuckin’ Yostar, and here i was getting excited over getting an early update for once

That’s a pretty god damn big typo lol, maybe they’ve actually got a plan for what they’re gonna bring out with new updates… nah


Maybe… they could bring it earlier than expected for Vigilo or chapter 9, but that was a false hope indeed, Yostar is still the Yostar we know :fgo_gudako: