Bored Docutah Chronicles #22: Nearl bloodline is supremacy, are you ready for manganese farming

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Hell`s residents


Missing in action



Very good. Cultured. :fgo_gudako:

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You almost have a furries thread @MastroGillord

I’m more of a Hell’s resistant than residents but hi :ferdbirb:

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Nice. Love the art. :fgo_ereshlove:

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One day I wont be lazy as hell and make a thread too… but you wont like what Ill do. :rofl:

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Astolfo thread is what I’m expecting :feh_facepalm:

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FFS I want to start a new gacha but I don’t know what to play, nothing is appealing to me V_V

No. That would be a good thread tho. :fgo_insane:

Just don’t? Gacha isn’t good for you, you know?

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It is scientifically proven that you roll gacha and get disappointed more when you play one.


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I love how half of the peopl in a thread of a gacha game, playing multiple gacha at once (sometime with multiple account) tells you to not play gacha :ferdbirb:

Because we’re too deep in this hell and the only thing that we can do rn is to warn others not to follow our footstep :feh_facepalm:

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Personnally I don’t if the game is generous enought

Like recently I never got Flint nor April; it sadden me but that’s okey I already moved on.

The issue if that even when I get what I want I end up moving on :ferdbirb:
I always feel the need to roll more and get more, just for the satisfaction of gamb… I mean rolling


But don’t bother with me guys.
I know gacha since I’m a little sprout, since I always been a Weeb ( a real weeb, not the zoomer normie post 2012 version of it, I love japan since I’m 8 year old)
I just never played them because I always prefered my Xbox and didn’t have a smartphone until 2017.

I played some gacha on Web browser ( Flower Knight mainly) but none can really keep me up long because I need gameplay to stay, otherwise I get bored (hence why I’m saying this right now, instead of just googleing “gacha game” lol)

Also I’m a hikki (legit) , didn’t went out of my house in 6 years now (sound less impressive now we’re under lockdown but ay…) and went in the deepest ■■■■■■ up part of the internet.

I hope I don’t sounds pretentious right now with my rambling :ferdbirb: (if I do, well ■■■■■■ idc)

But really you see, you don’t have to worry about me, I’m already ■■■■-up in every way possible, except sexually :ak_wshock:

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In that regard, I couldn’t really recommend you any good cause all the gacha that I’ve played were old already, the new gacha are kind of a nuisance to play for me because of work too, if you still have my google sheet, you can try it for yourself then :catroll:

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I was more like shining
Insert gif here
But that works lmao