Hi again!
Got a Christmas Ephraim, but i don’t care of him enough to keep him (i have 3 lance armor, Robin, Eliwood and Effie, and i don’t like Ephraim nor armored units in general so is a BIG NOPE on keeping him)
I’ve 3 ideas to fodder his Bold fighter (i don’t even care about atk/def solo, i like to play with my unit all bunched together) on the only armored units i use more often than the others: W!Tharja, LA!Lyn, W!Cecilia.


i have a spare 5*Gaius i can fodder to her, but i can also use Goodie Boots, that are funnier to see xD
Atk Ploy is there because i used her as a ploy machine with Def Ploy, thanks to her high-ish res, but i can swap it for Atk smoke


I don’t have now a BlarBlade on her, but i have a ton of Odins, also her Iv are quite unfortunate. Normally i use her base kit to be the second ranged counter of my Lyn Emblem. (with speed refined Blue Gift, Bond Atk-Speed)


this might be a little waste of fodder, maybe she is better with her base kit lol

Of course you can propose other ideas for these units or for Bold Fighter, those are just random ideas i came up with.
Thanks for your help <3

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Well for LA!Lyn and W!Cecilia there exist desperation weapons (Juicy Wave and Starfish). If you have one of those then you can use Fury in the A-slot to reach the desperation range. In addition you can use a brazen skill in the seal slot to increase damage further.


Unluckily i have only 1 Juicy Wave (but i use a lot that Camilla) and no starfish :/

Walharts intensly

Barb shuriken is another option for W!Cecilia and allows her to activate Iceberg (or Bonfire) on the second hit against opponents that do not counterattack and activates Glacies (or Ignis) against opponents that do counterattack. Of course you can also make a combat manual and wait until you pull Starfish or Juicy wave fodder on the Summer banner rerun.

On the other side W!Ephraim is a good unit so you could also try him out for a while before making a combat manual.

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First thing I did when I got a second W!Ephraim
Fodder to the wayside

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Mmmh i think i made up my mind, but might be pretty expensive. After all i still have the free takumi they gave us, since the second anniversary. (i also foddered away the second WCecilia copy… RIP)
La Lyn can be used even without bold fighter, just requires positioning to use her AtkSpd bond.
WTharja is pretty ok with her base kit. LET’S SAVE, I’M POOR AF
So W!Cecilia is my last choice:

or maybe i should save even the CC rotfl

Probably Cecilia, but I would consider foddering his Solo skill. SOmeone like Ranulf and LEphraim would love it

I don’t have Ranulf but i have L!Ephraim but…
Ewwww… Ephraim

Basically any dual phase Cav that wants defense

Or save it for Ranulf