Boss fight lostbelt 3 (sin) 16-1 teams

What was your teams? How did it go? Do you have any tips for others? Dis you killed the berserker or assassin first?

I melted down the assassin with xuanzang and rest was simple.
Personally would recommend checking the hp of your attackers because turns out waver and merlin are pretty healthy and having your “dps” getting one-shotted and having to use 2 support casters as dps is kinda slow.


I think I AoE’d them with Hokusai.


It was horrible and I don’t want to talk about.
tenor (8)


Okitan Dai-Shouri! :fgo_insane:


Haven’t gotten there yet but i built the team weeks in advance.

The Plan

The idea is having Sieg loop 2 - 3 times, kill Yu, hopefully breaking Xiang Yu’s bar in the proccess.

Ideally Xiang Yu uses his NP and wipes out all 3 members in the front at once, then Medb, Waver and Friend’s Merlin comes out to beat him.

2 Medb NPs should be enough, even with Neutral damage, and her 3 turn debuff immunity prevents him from locking her NP. I might replace Ox King with 2030 but that’s the idea.


Got trashed on my first try. Then I used this setup.


This was a nightmare. Had to try a few different strategies since that berserker without fail would use his invul pierce along with his NP and kill my entire front line.

So went with the plan of…never let him use it. Threw out Caster Nero (MLB Black Grail) along with a couple of supports and just NP burst those two into the dirt. A bit of fortune with the cards and being able to charge her NP quickly allowed things to work out in the end.


The fights were definitely more interesting in this LB. Nice job, design team.


Used sitonai and Ilya with black grail, took out the assassin with a command seal. It was easy past then

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Used this hoping to test things out first then come back with a better team.

Yu wiped out my front row with her np and Melt ended up soloing both of them.


Caster team (Sieg + CasGil) wears down Yu (Akuta). BB finishes off the other Yu. Abigail taken out of retirement temporarily as insurance.


Borrowed a Waver with Golden Catches the Carp for support. This fight was definitely the closest I came to needing a command seal this Lostbelt. Thankfully my freshly bonded Herc was able to clutch it for me after a bursty start ground to a halt due to Xiang Yu’s break effects.

Superscope Raikou+buster/atk buff from her summer self was able to break Akuta turn 1. XX was supremely unhelpful as she didn’t even get a chance to NP, but Nero and Raikou were somehow able to hang on until the last break bar. After that was just a damage race and Heracles cleaned up 4 turns later with guts to spare.


This fight was absolutely miserable. Xiang Yu somehow always crit on the 1st turn and 1 shot CasShuten, I shit you not, 3 times in a f*cking row and made me restart. In the end CasShuten, Waver, Supp Kiara, Mash, Georgios and Enkidu managed to pull through. Ended up with Enkidu being the only surviving member and he would’ve died if Xiang Yu were to look at him funny.

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Finally did it!

Getting Medb to live proved to be the hardest part. Because she has less health than Waver and Merlin with 2030 factored in, Xiang Yu kept focusing fire on her. Also, 2004 was completely useless, Atlas was ideal for later on the fight.

Anyway, now it’s only a matter of dealing with QSH.


just more hokusai looping like i did in the lan ling/xiang yu fight. easy peasy.


Dantes handled it in three turns pretty cleanly. I found it to be easier than the Lan Ling version of basically the same fight. Also, the guide seems to be wrong - not in this run specifically, but I found that Yu turns off Xiang Yu’s class disadvantage if you break just his bar even if you haven’t touched her’s. So it’s not a break skill for her.


Jing Ke took out Xiang Yu’s first two bars (almost), using one command seal to charge her NP up in the process.
Caster Nero got rid of Miaoyi’s bar and the rest of Xiang Yu’s, then Artoria finished them both. Couple Skadis and a Mozart as support throughout.

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It took a couple of tries and the first team really didn’t work but third’s time the charm.

This was the second team but bad RNG ■■■■■■ me quite a bit where Abby couldn’t quite kill Xiang Yu (Leaving him with only 1k of health). The second time around went much better and Abby killed the Doom Horse much more cleanly.


This one is pretty easy for me using Cú Alter with cure command code to solo clear it. It took me 2 tries.

I do refer the YouTube video for the boss fight.


I did it with this setup. Medea killed Yu in the first 3 turns (NP-looping be hella op). Then the plan was for Euryale to come on the field and slay xiang yu, but she got oneshotted instead. In the end it was Medea who finished him off.
(also I will level my waver, I just got him, he spooked me in the ereshkigal banner)