Boss fight lostbelt 3 (sin) 9-3 teams

What was your team and strategy?
The battle itself isnt wasnt too hard but enemy crits kinda ruins your plans. Here’s mine:

Also i get the whole chekhov’s gun trope but i wish they didnt used it so early

the gun

I didn’t take screenshots but it was Summer BB/Merlin/Waver/Mash/George/Herc.

Only Waver died.

Despite the sheer amount of bad RNG, i still won.

I could’ve run Arash, EMIYA, Waver and Merlin with David and Mash in the back but where’s the fun in that? Anyway, that Spartacus moment was great and them acknowledging him teaming up with Nero in Septem made no sense was a nice nod.


I borrowed a np3 Gilgamesh to help carry me and he got merc’d by a crit. My new Ishtar had a rude awakening as to how life was going to be with me as a master.

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I wasn’t really keeping track when I did this, but I think I blew them up with Black Grail Sitonai supported by Lan Ling and Waver.

I’ve been running max bond teams (CLT+CTT+borrowed CTT+50 BP CE) with no 2030, support scopes, taunt CEs, or other fancy things, so RNG has been more of a factor, but Sitonai and Amakusa have been absolute bosses for me. Amakusa just hit bond 10, and I’m holding onto the lantern for a little while, so he got the bench.


Arash and Friend support Merlin died early on. Lots of things I could’ve done better (like maybe not underestimating Xiang Yu’s stupid crits), but hey, it all worked out in a single run. Plus, I got to test out my newly acquired Gil, who performs really well here actually.

I presume this is just a warm-up of what’s in store? Looking forward to that.

Didn’t want to stop raising bond level of my new spooks from summoning Eresh(Nyalter and Diarmuid Saber) and pushing Georgios to bond 10, and so simply went with Dantes and double Skadi. Had to savescum once(cause one Skadi got critted to death by automata), but Dantes showed this biomechanical centaur who is who and why being a berserker is a bad idea when you have no hard survival and your taunter’s invinicibility is simply bypassed by ignore invincible and AoE.
Should have probably used Hokusai instead, though, but meh, the fight wasn’t annoying enough for that, in my opinion. Probably because Xiang Yu didn’t crit once.

Didn’t screenshot going in but this is what I ended with:

Started with Gilgamesh, Archuria (I always hate running those two together…), and support Waver. That lasted until the last break bars when Gil and Waver got critted out of existence. Team foreigner cleaned up nicely within a couple turns after that.

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Yes, my MHXX loved having to face a berserker and a saber in the same fight ;)

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Went with this.

I’m letting Abby loose every time Xiang Yu comes out to play. Tentacle groping the horse creature isn’t my thing, but the result have been pleasing so far.

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sure, i’ll post it here.

Started with Archuria, Shuten, Bride and borrowed a Waver. Ended with this:

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Support Gil+ NP2 Napoleon

Ignore defense is just dumb.

This one went way easier than I thought.
Arash wave 1 clear , merlin comes in
Emiya wave 2 clear and get massive amount of stars
Gilgamesh wave 3 NP , Lanling has 1 HP bar left and Xiang Yu 2 Bars
facecard the next few turns, gilgamesh NP and Emiya NP again
Lanling gone and Xiang Yu 1 HP bar
Use the stars from Emiya NP and crit Xiang Yu to death. took about 9 turns

That battle is just a cheese with top tank servants of the game.
Cost me 16 turns due to Xiang Yu Evasion spamming.
As usual Eresh and Jarcher stood last.

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I remember using this team


I am using Cú Alter to solo for this boss fight.
What I do is break Xiang Yu first HP bar , then kill Prince of LanLing, and finally back to kill Xiang Yu
Important note:
Xiang Yu will use evade if his Hp is lower than 50% at the FINAL HP bar, avoid using Buster chain or NP when first reach final Hp bar.
Only use NP and buster chain when his final HP bar reach around 60%

I’m using this video as reference for the boss fight

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Done it withGil, ridertoki and Merlin.
Facecard the first 2 waves charging np bars to save the batteries.
Ridertoki np to break Xiang Yu first bar, and Gil np for the remaining ones + another ridertoki np to finish off the berserker.
The annoying part was when they both used their evade/invincible just after xiang’s first break bar, when I had Gil’s np ready to go.

Arjuna, Euryale, Napoleon, David, Mordred (story support), Cu Alter

Had to try twice since Arjuna and Euryale got absolutely murdered by his crits after I broke the first bar. Same with Euryale and David on the second attempt, but Cu Alter barely managed to beat him.

I’ve got to say though, his crits are absolutely disgusting. Had to redo the first fight earlier in chapter 9-1 with him because he one-shotted Archuria with a single crit in the first round. Since I prefer playing the story with the story support servants my lack of a Foreigner hurts a little. I’ll see how I can hold up towards the later battles…

I had to try it 3 times before I finally cleared it, and it was by the skin of my teeth.

I was using a support Skadi. Face carded the first two waves before throwing any buffs on anyone. Then I used one of the Skadi’s NPs for an NP chain with Zerk, and then NPed with Zerk the next turn, before finally dying. Xiang Yu and Lan Ling killed the support Skadi and George before Tomoe managed to take out Lan Ling.
Xiang Yu killed Tomoe, leaving me with Skadi and Herc.

For some reason, Xiang Yu kept ignoring Skadi!
In any case, this was the last turn: