Boss Ross

I have been waiting for this boy for a long time. He got all of my votes in the popularity contests and I’m glad he’s finally here! Now I have no idea how to build him. The build above seems fun and can maybe work in AR. Show me your Ross ideas!


Is that actually your Ross or just put in the Builder


Builder haha I only have 4 copies so far!

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@Krazytre would like to know your location


I thought of bob ross lmao


Oh boy, the dam has been broken. Hold on, 'cuz I gotta get some food. Prepare thyself.

Gonna try to condense everything so it’s not so messy. And yes, I have plans on max merging and Summoner Supporting my boy. He’s too precious, along with my other one. :eyes:


Got this idea from how I wanted to build my NY!Corrin. The initial Bonfire proc will be a bit slower (and I do mean a bit, the rest should come fairly quickly if we’re excluding Guard effects (although they’re fairly common, so…).

If Ross Doubles, which is very much possible, then he’d charge up Bonfire to max on the first two hits. The opponent hits back (unless they’re not CC ranged units) and he attacks attack, unleashing a Bonfire. Once Spiral kicks in, that 3 CD Bonfire turns to 1 CD, making it much easier and faster to activate reliably, and even if the enemy has Guard effects, he’ll still be able to proc Bonfire because of Heavy Blade.

Could probably go a cheaper option with dual Brazen Atk/Def instead of Steady Impact, and maybe Wrath instead of Spiral? :thinking:

Could probably go for a speed refine to help secure doubles, but I went with more resistance since dragons exist, and you could also swap the Special for Galeforce.

With his Solo he’d be at 65 attack and 47 speed. Sounds maybe switch out Aether for a different, faster, healing Special when I get building him. :thinking:

This is just a more… General build, I guess? He’s got the good attack, speed, defense, and a way of sustain. The resistance could definitely use some work, but because Solo skills and Tactic skills work so well, Resistance Tactic won’t be too hard to fit in to whatever team he’s in (maybe give it to Cormag, wink wink?), and because of his Insanely monstrous HP stat he won’t be getting Panic’d so easily.

Fairly typical AR build, it seems, and this is with Eir and her Light Blessing in play (hence the increase his resistance and HP). I was tempted to put in Quick Riposte since it’s a guaranteed double even against fast units (why does my phone always want to put in “fat” when I type “fast”?) but I guess either that or Swift Stance could work well.

More of a fun build I wanna try. Always been a fan of Mass Panic weapons (Spectral Tome being my favorite green tome in game), and because Panic’d buffs stack with visible debuffs… :innocent:

So someone could have a +6 attack buff, but when Panic’d, and hit with Atk Smoke, that +6 attack buff becomes a -13 attack debuff. Of course the “bread and butter” combo is the attack debuff, but any Panic’d stat can help both Ross and his teammates.

Might change the Seal in the builder to something that’s not so monophase.


Wow these are some great ideas. I guess res boon isn’t need because Eir bonus in AR anyway. Spd seems to be best boon for a lot of the build options.

Same lamo

@NickofTime80 your…

Anyways the build isn’t bad, I think an [Slaying Axe+] is better?, but that axe ain’t bad, heals him after any combat :thinking:

Thanks for the message @af1899

Ross the boss is a great unit. Extremely flexible in both stats and weapons.

Mine’s currently +Res/-Atk but I’ll switch to +spd whenever I get the chance.

AR plans


Berserker Mode


Is it just me, or this Ross kinda looks like the Ross in “Friends”?

Ross Geller? Looks nothing like him, lol.