Bottle Caps/Rocket Gas

So on the topic of bottle caps… As this IV improving mechanic was introduced in Generation 7 of the main series games, what are your thoughts about this being implemented in Pokemon Go? What would you suggest as the best way to go about implementing this? As we are a generation away from this taking place, im curious to know other trainers thoughts. On a similar subject, I think an item like Rocket Gas similar to what was seen in Detective Pikachu should be introduced as an item that can turn a regular pokemon into its shadow form, which can later be purified. This can be introduced along with other form changes like Giratina A to Origin form, deoxys forms, genesect, armored mewtwo to normal, etc. If they were to implement this and change the multiplier damage purified pokemon do to shadows, it would be a great way to balance the meta in my opinion while giving the average trainer a method of accessing and improving their pokemon just like the main series game and lore of the franchise.

The bottle cup idea have been discussed before and sounds great to be able to modify iv, but I find it difficult to happen.

The rocket one is more feasible, but again if the gas is too common, why do rocket battles or pay for a rocket radar, if it is too rare why to bother.

The real example of this are the elite tms. In my opinion, because of the shift of the game from raids to gbl, they were necessary because not having the legacy move was a disadvantage on most mons, and also they add it monetary value by doing the things like the second charmander Cd (a charizard with dragon breath and not blast burn is a disadvantage).

So for the bottle cup and rocket gas to happen they need two things, necessity and money value for Niantic.

Personally I would love not to need to do rocket battle to get shadows and not to do more than one raid to get a 100% raid boss…but it will interfere with the cash flow of the game, at the end you would need to get to rank 24 on the pvp season to get one of those, or pay 5 000 coins during Cd.

I could definitely see Bottle Caps being implemented, but done in a Niantic way.

First, they’ll likely be fairly difficult to acquire. Similar to elite TMs, with a paid method to get more of them (similar to how Elite TMs can be purchased in community day boxes).

Second, my guess is one Bottle Cap would raise one of the three IVs by one point (not sure if they’d let us pick or it would be randomized and any one of the three that could improve, would).

Finally, when one of the three IVs is raised, my guess is that missing gap in the appraisal bar fills in a different color to denote that the IV was improved via a bottle cap. This will entice the hardcore players to still spend for raids and whatnot for the allure of a “true” hundo.

I’d like that, but agree with all of the above that both would be rare and/or costly. I also agree that bottle caps would need to do limited improvement; 1 point would let you bring a 96% to hundo in 2 caps but stops totally devaluing hundos.

Rocket Gas could perhaps come as a reward for beating Giovanni and bottle caps could come with significant task rewards, say, every 100 raids you get one - so roughly every 3 months to the regular free player but not entirely unattainable for more casual players.

Or something that requires at least a bit of attention rather than a straight grind, say, after using 5000 super effective charged moves, or being hit with 5000 nve charged moves in any part of the game so it’s not locked behind one bit of the game or another?

If people are going to pay, they’ll pay, but making them earnable whilst difficult makes them valuable to those who aren’t plagued by nightmares of being hunted by Ahab.

Whether there would need to be a mechanic to choose though? Less so for PvE but I’d guess PvP players would be miffed if their 1/14/13 became a 2/14/13 instead of 1/14/14 and it tipped it over the CP cap.

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The Rocket Gas counters literally everything Pokemon stands for, it is not gonna happen.

Might as well as give Purified Pokemon a 2x attack boost to Shadows.

Rocket gas is part of the franchise in detective pikachu so how does it counter everything Pokemon stands for? Its part of the game and could be a way to allow trainers to choose their journey as good vs bad, etc. Niantic will give purified pokemon a 2x attack boost vs shadows and we know this is coming as its already in the code. Shadows are nothing more than a way for Niantic to create content that creates longevity in the game while giving the general player base a means of acquiring better specimen of a given pokemon via purification. Its literally part of Niantics long term strategy and continuity plan to enable the average player to stay and participate which is necessary for the survival of Pokemon Go.

So does the current state of Shadow Pokemon, by that logic. We’re supposed to be enticed to purify (save) them, and yet, here we are.


Niantic will give purified pokemon a 2x attack boost vs shadows and we know this is coming as its already in the code.

I didn’t know that, although I’m still not sure what incentive this is to purify anything in truth. I get the impression that shadows are relatively rare in PvP. Would it make Giovanni easier perhaps? Or offer newer players a better chance against the rockets and leaders?

My first thought on bottle caps is if you manipulate IVs you manipulate the CP and using bottle caps to raise CP without using up Stardust or candy is likely not going to fly with Niantic. If you did use a bottle cap and it would raise the CP, you’ll likely lose the appropriate amount of Stardust and candy.

Interesting. I could see that happening. My initial reaction was that I don’t see them tacking on a dust/candy cost with bottle cap use, since those costs are typically associated with powering up a Pokemon and raising its level, which wouldn’t be the case here. That said, there are dust/candy costs associated with other factors such as purifying Pokemon and giving them second charge moves. So it’s entirely possible there would be an extra tax here as well.

I fully concur with this.

It should not happen in the first place, and since that point everything became very sour and is sour.