Bow chrom vs beasts and dragons (aka special map)

So I’m doing the special maps on lunatic atm, breezing through most with tibarn and reyson… chrom: crowned exalt is tearing my beasts apart…
Is he even doable with beasts?

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Do you have Brave Ike? Don’t worry too much about theme teams until you beat it.


Cav chrom is really bulky and fast on chain challenges so I’d recommend using any color mage user to kill him as he has low res. If you want to stary true to beast team, then you can use nailah or panne. Both have WTA and panne has cav effectiveness

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…but the new chrom is an infantry unit…
And a blue bow user to boot

Then don’t say “exalt chrom” bc both cav chrom and bow chrom are called exalts. Cav chrom is called “exalted knight” and bow chrom is called “crowned exalt”. Just call bow chrom L!chrom and cav chrom E!chrom or cav chrom from now on.

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Changed it, thnx

Pretty ballsy of you to take on a blue bow unit that has Close Counter with a red flier.

Flying beasts have a terrible matchup against Legendary Chrom because he severely debuffs their Attack and Defense and deals effective damage to them. Tibarn especially gets destroyed due to color disadvantage, while Reyson doesn’t have the raw power to deal with him and also takes effective damage.

If those are your only beast units, I’m afraid you’re out of luck, because you’re not winning with them alone. I’d suggest finding a different team to use – Brave Ike is a good option.

The beast unit with the best matchup against L-Chrom is NY Lethe due to her color advantage and the fact that she’ll absorb a lot of damage thanks to her weapon giving her percentage reduction based on Speed (and she has a lot of Speed). Ranulf and Yarne aren’t bad options either, but they are all rare units.

NY Lethe would destroy him. Anyone else would probably have trouble, even the other green beasts if you’re on the abyssal.

Limited options for situations make beasts a pretty fail-hard team. They either cruise or get crushed.

I keep reading this as “Bow Chrom vs breasts” god damn it

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Actually I have both yarne and ranulf. My team atm is ranulf mordecai caineghus and any beast I feel will work.
Truth is, I collect beast units, so I got most of them… mostly the guys, though…

Seeing as I don’t have ny lethe I guess brave ike it is, unless you know a dragon that might work