Bow's Singularity #14: BatRin: The Dark Thighs

You have to fight me to wake up before 9:30 (beside reset is different for me cause lol time zones)

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I wake up at like 8:15 on mon + wed, 8:45 on Tues, and whenever I want on Thursday because my first class is at 12:30



One more day… I’m about to lose my mind! :fgo_illya:


Good vibes set to maximum power


I feel the energy! anime war cry


wait for Dialogue 4 - 7 do I need Bond 7? I thought I did but I think I have diaglogue 7 on Henry unlocked in My Room already

27 hours to go.

Get your summoning catalyst and/or rituals ready.


I don’t know, you might need a specific servant to activate the voice lines. He probably has lines for London servants like Mordred, Fran, Babbage, etc

I meant because I already had Dialogue 7 I think? I thought I needed Bond 7 but maybe I dont

All room dialogue that isn’t related to other servants, events, or birthdays are unlocked at bond 5.

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why tf is he not lvl 90 rn lemme get on that


That’s a lot of embers and QP. I’ve brought a 3* to lvl 85 and it only cost me my sanity. She was the first servant I grailed.

But serenity was worth it.

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I might try playing with him a bit now that he’s maxed, but I doubt I’ll invest anything into his skills though

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you can just borrow mine once hes maxed out

rn hes 7/4/4 and I plan on getting him to 90 asap


Change his ascension stage maybe? Should be an option at the bottom left to do that some servants dialog shifts each ascension

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his does but I had to unlock 4-7 at stage 3

I thought that was at bond 7 which is why I was waiting but now time ot go ham

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None of them early servants do that.

Or maybe I’m just a jackass.

Actually 2 days. It should be the 13th when maintenance ends :upside_down_face:

Edit: actually jk, I was wrong. YAY ONE MORE DAY

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Make sure to 10/10/10 him too :kissing_heart:

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