Bow's Singularity #21: Rin Wars: Return of the Jalter

Well I tried to get another NP level for Raikou but someone else had their eye on me. Can’t complain :slight_smile:


So when do y’all think that they’ll drop Christmas 3 on us? I’m getting sick of waiting tbh

I would love that. But the gacha lords decided I’m not allowed to own one.

And who says I can’t stack my own edison and a support of any given type?

Still. Interesting. I always thought his numbers looked fine. Maybe not top tier, but definitely good for how useful they seem. Besides. Waver is the only big name support I’ve got (and I didn’t even want him) so I won’t complain about Edison’s more unique utility.

Probably on the 16th unless they make it overlap with the 2nd Salem banner.

You act as if DW wouldn’t do that. When they would do exactly that.

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Yes, yes, shameless advertising.


Christmas 3 will come around soon enough. You don’t have to advertise it. There will be plenty of salt

Sad to say we’ll probably make it there sooner or later.

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Yeah, I suppose with limited utility, Edison looks more appealing.

He’s at home in Waver/Edison/Tamamo comps or double Tamamo comps. Glue Prisma Cosmos (or Afternoon Party or 2030 or Premonitions) to them.

I actually beat the final fight in Salem with that Waver/Edison/Tamamo team.

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Originally, I said it was in the 11th so it runs to the 25th. Then I noticed that the event only lasts 10 days RIP Farming time. So if they’re going to keep the event as ending on the 25th,then it’ll start on the 15th.


Plenty if you burn the midnight oil.

I have no life, so I’ll likely do that, myself. Gotta take full advantage of them lottery embers and the excess of QP.


Lei i need help quick
I still have to finish the kill the 15 caster class hoes
Where should i do it xD ?

Shinjuku has more than 1 caster node that can be 3-turned.


Perfect thanks a lot !


15 Caster enemies?

Uh… Doors? :sweat_smile:




How could i even forget this lol


You can tell he’s rich if he forgot about doors.


I finished Ch20. ■■■■ Ch20. That chapter is a pain in the ■■■■■■■ ass. It pissed me off and frustrated me to no end. If I never see another chapter like Ch20 of Babylonia, it will be too soon. ■■■■ Ch20 and ■■■■ RNG.

Ok. Rant over. In case y’all can’t tell, I’m not the biggest fan of Ch20 of Babylonia from a gameplay perspective.


Ngl I forget doors exist. All the time.