Bow's Singularity #28: In-Jeanne-a Jones: Temple of Rem

And we are back once again much too late.

We do everything in this thread from gameplay discussion to whyfoo/husbando chat to off-topic shenanigans.


hey bitches

that’s all


2nd! Yes! Ara Ara Ara ! :fgo_kiarasmile:


But wait… If you’re 2nd, aren’t you just 1st in a long line of “losers?” Aha :sweat_smile:


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Last time I was this early mankind entered a new age called stone age


This title is the best one yet.


Gif doesn’t not match title.

I am disappoint son.

Also I’m going to run another giveaway in your thread.


I am just here to mark my presence


I am here.


The madness begins once again.


The last episode was so lit

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Ikr? I was so looking forward to seeing it animated.

I don’t suppose you read the manga?

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I actually started to xD

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It is great. You won’t regret it xD

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Going through all birthday quotes from my Servants reminded me how empty my Chaldea is

“Huh? You were born on this day? Yeah. yeah. Grats”

“Happy birthday! Would you like your very own Shinsengumi haori as a present?”

“Happy birthday! Today is a celebration with Alice”

“I have failed you! My friend, isn’t today your birthday!? I didn’t even make a commemorative coin for this day…I’ll regret this for the rest of my life!”

“Your brithday? No way! Ugh…I know what a birthday is. It’s a chance to raise my popularity rating. Can I get a present in time? Sheesh, Master’s hard to choose for…”

“Birthday? Let’s celebrate! Want some candy? Huh? You already got some from Jing Ke? Crap, what am I gonna do…”

“Happy birthday! I’m happy you were brought to this earth and happy to have met you”

“What? Your birthday? Well, prepare to head for the front lines! Rejoice! You will be rewarded with the land you take!”

“Oh. It’s the day you were born. I’ll prepare eggs and candies to celebrate”

Some of my favourite quotes

Oh hey, you got mini Carmilla. She’s a decent Lancer with a huge attack buff for female units once you complete her rank up quest


This title is actually stupid, oh my god

There we go


Thank you


My god, the assassin node is annoying me so much. I can’t get the thing in the second wave down fast enough and all it does is Crit. I also need the feathers so I can’t skip it.

anyone who pronounces “Jeanne” the way Bow is using it here can go explode

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