Bow's Singularity #37: Ishtar Crossing: New Rinfaces (Please)

Hello there, I guess you could say I’m @LateToTheParty


This thread is actually for nothing. Nothing at all.

Go :nut_and_bolt: :chestnut: :peanuts:


About time

I would not say that.

Even if I could


You are back and alive!

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Bow, you’re never late. You’re always on time.

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And for a good begining of the threan a MHXX


I would like to derail this thread with no rails for an important Azur Lane announcement.

Also Belfast, Dido, Z23, and Atago are all lvl 100 or more.


Also its good to have a new thread to lurk in. I was feeling so lonely lurking in other threads.


I see you got a success in the foxmines, I actually got Zuikaku recently myself xD

Do you have Akagi yet? Or have you had her for a while now.

No Akagi. Just wanted to show that my blood, sweat, and perseverance have paid off and got me a fox with the last of my hard mode nodes for the day.

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Fair enough. I’m working towards Hornet and Lexington myself. I finally got to the 5-3 node where Hornet first drops on normal mode. I haven’t been having any luck constructing either of them.


Well good luck with that. I’ll probably stay in the fox mines until Akagi comes. I’m still salty that Akagi’s alt. was the only Polaris member I couldn’t get.

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I should be wishing you luck. I don’t think I’ll be experiencing as much anguish as you are getting an Akagi at all.

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I’m hanging in there :fgo_insane:


Meanwhile in the land of Star Wars I mean fgo I’m almost done with bronze currency in the shop. I’m prob gonna skip the statues/monuments cause I still got over 160 of each type.


Yep, though I’m doing the hardest currencies first since I don’t have any Silver/Gold Currency Drop CE’s.

Just came in here to complain that COVID-19 has now officially inconvenienced me. I went to go put in my normal monthly order of ammo and everything is out of stock.

@GrailedAstolfo @kewebbjr any luck with yall? The only thing I see in any decent quantities is high performance or defense rounds. Nothing in the way of plinking crap.

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Have you had a complicated weekend?

No problems that I’ve noticed. We already have enough, so I haven’t needed to go buy any recently and won’t need to at least until after I ship out for Army training.

Where do you usually source from? I checked PSA, Brownells and SG, but they’re mostly out.

I have enough to last me a long time… but I like to rotate my stash, phasing out rounds that have been sitting for a while with fresh orders.