Bow's Singularity #43: CyberRin 2077


Yep :3

NPLV5, LV70, 9/9/9. Someone suggested I build them up for Shimousa

She’ll come in handy to remove Chiyome’s annoying curse debuff

You are gonna want to 1t him since it’s raid and everyone will be killing him as fast as possible and there’s a world limit to barbatos kills, and her damage really isn’t that great

Ah okay.

Would Mozart’s 3rd skill be great for this raid? (Mines 9/9/10 and it’ll give me 50 crit stars, when it’s used)

There’s multiple threads for help with raids teams, namely these two

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Ah thanks :3 (I’ll give it a read)

If I’m reading this correctly, we’ll be revisitng key battles during London, America and Camelot, besides the Barbatos raid?

The time to roll for Astraea has come

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Real quick, how does one do a solo fight, i.e., for me, Only Gawain is attacking the foes (because I wanna hear more of him :3)

You put the solo servant and two level 1 servants with taunt in the party.

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Best Dog is getting a new costume!

Essentially, bring two Georges/Leonidas and make sure you have a buster centered supp a.k.a Merlin

That’s no dog

That’s best psycho

DW is mocking us with this CE

Though I do like how Scathach is trying to teach Okita and Jalter how to play the piano and Jalter going “Da fuq is this”

Either you have Clarivoyance EX or DW heard your pleas

And now she got it. Her 3rd skill increases the damage of her Arts cards by 20% (thus increasing her NP gen) and applies 1000 HP poison damage every time she attacks using Arts cards, which apparently can be stacked (kinda like Chiyome) for five turns

Basically, if you have double CasterToria/Tamamo, Serenity can potentially solo hard content


About time DW heard my complaints. This is what she deserves. :feh_navarreculture:

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Never forget to show love to poisonous cutiepie


By the way, it’s “Clear the Emote Request thread” time


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I decide when that is. But thanks for the reminder.

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Is there a limit as to how many emotes we can request?

Oh, she’s adorable!!!

It’s not much of a solo if there are other Servants there as well.