Brain Fried Need Help Building Chad

I gotta stop staying up so late playing Fallout 4

Just got up, I find out HS!Elincia is gonna be available through codes, and now I need to start planning my Chad build.

So if you would kindly drop a build or two off here that’d be just swell.

And I’ll just be off waking up some more.

Unit Purpose

Dragon Killer, either PvE or AR-D/O (leaning more towards D)

I don’t think Chad’s really the best candidate for this role due to his unimpressive Atk, but he can still do it :feh_legion:

Sturdy/Mirror Impact would make it very hard to take him down on AR-D while providing some much needed Atk.

Lull Atk/Def would be a great B-slot for the same reasons.

C slot is flexible but you could take advantage of his high HP with Infantry Pulse.

And Sturdy Blow’s a good seal :feh_nini:

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Something like this perhaps? 48 spd (54 w/Spd wave), 60 atk, 38 res, 31 def in combat while denying foes a follow-up. With this he reaches a high attack stat in combat and the extra RES helps him in combat and Special Spiral allows him to take advantage of his 38 res with 1/2 cooldown Iceberg/Glacies, which lets him hit for extra 19/31 damage.


My work in progress:

Primarily AR-O right now, pretty much just needs merges now.

I decided to build Chad in the end, but also building Kronya. Next CC is going to her, already have special spiral fodder ready. Though hoping if Alfonse wins the gauntlet, that would be perfect since Kronya would get both CC and special spiral. (already have Alfonse with IVs I like, no need to merge)

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I literally went on this journey last night. I had 11 Chads and none of them were + atk. I couldnt figure out what to do in this situation… But then I realized the mirror impact, cloud maiougi build worked even better (for me) with a + def build.

So, basically I stacked bulk on and bulk and now I’m kind of waffling between c skills (even atk, atk smoke, Savage blow). He does great in arena and pve so far.

I’m also considering Threaten atk/def.
With the added bulk he can survive not one-rounding things.

The build so far.


Between those, I’d say attack smoke or savage blow. I don’t like risking a free panic in the event he doesn’t have enough HP (whether it’s a panic manor, or panic ploy).


Why the ■■■■ is Def smoke there :feh_deltheano:

I tried something myself with my +5 Chad and it’s actually working so well with invisible buffs support!
(B!Lucina is fun to use)

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Wish I knew why. Whoops, forgot about the [Dagger 6/7] affect on weapons. Damn there went 100 grails (Panne).

I can get mine to +4, but trying to hold out starting merges until a few copies more are secured. Else this might not get completed until 2022.


Good call. I like Savage because it weakens a survivor more than they already are after combat… But that smoke… If they can’t get over your defense and they have weakened defenses…

It’s all a gamble. I think that’s what I don’t like about daggers.

Savage blow is preferred if you are using vantage (though attack smoke is still good here), attack smoke works for general uses. The splash damage on nearby units can be enough for attacker to get one shot, which is why it works well with Vantage.

I don’t use vantage. I use spd/def link as my b skill