Brave Dimitri Builds and Team Compositions

Please post your Dimitri builds and Team compositions here.

I will start with mine. I have all the skill recources (Anna) for this build but I didn’t inherit or merged him up yet, so this build is done with FEH Unit Builder.

The best (and very last) I got was +Spd so I figured it would be best to advance it further. He easily gets above 50 with the right support. Most builds will probably only change its C and seal but I’m still curious what you guys will come up with.
I thought about giving him Sorcery Blade as a seal since he has such high Atk for an infantry unit but it’s just such a mediocre skil that I decided against it in the end.

What I am absolutely unsure of is what his team will look like. I thought about Astram since he can easily support hi with buffs but I’m not sure.
Can you guys think of teammates or skills with especially good synergy?

(Also I went all in on his banner, spent all the 1.000 orbs I saved, after 800 orbs I still had 2 Dimitris…the other 3 I pulled within the last 200 orbs. I’m so glad I didn’t stop after the fourth spark ant kept going :feh_flaynsmile:
The very last one finally wasn’t +res or +Hp but +Spd too)


Can you guys think of teammates or skills with especially good synergy?

Jorge, although him being blue can end up being weird, especially if you have no plans on investing in him.

Corrin with his Yato refine can also be really good, and Dual Guard c and Seal can help somewhat patch up his resistance. +2 from ally support, +4 from Yato, +4 from Distant Guard or Close Guard (or just run Dual Distant Guard for more help against mages I guess? But then he’s not gaining help against dragons, so… :man_shrugging:), plus, if you merge Corrin, he can soak up a few Chills for you (like in speed).


Just to make things simple on me and not have to go through the hassle of getting out a screenshot this is what my exact build for him is currently:

Thinking about Eir and Peony being Mythics for him in AR with a bonus unit and potentially Kaden for him to boost his stats even further invisibly. If I really wanted to I’d put Joint Res Drive on Kaden too but that’s not happening for a while as that’d be the last of my fodder. Otherwise not sure what I’d run on Kaden for additional support.


If we’re talking PVE, just… look at green and red.

I mean, it’s fairly standard to think about base stats to say that Dimitri can pair well with a differently colored unit who likes to stick close and has decent res, and probably speed since you want some player phase to mix with his enemy phase. This brings me to Titania, who provides res tactic and has her red weaknesses covered by B! Dimitri, and OG Anna who runs bond builds and does a lot of warping to stick close to Dimitri the same way B!Edelgard did in the tactics drills. And yes, as much as the two hate each other, Braves Dimitri and Edelgard pair well with each other.

Red units would probably include… NY!Eir for green coverage, tactics, and Temari, Astram for mixed phase and constant buffs, and Aversa because Aversa.

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