Brave dimitri IV pick question

Hi all,
I can +10 a brave dimitri., but which IVs should I go for?

I have:
Minus hp plus speed
Minus hp plus def

Which one of these should i go for?
And cab you recomnebd a build for it aswell?

Thanks in advance



But then again his DR is based on Def

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It depends on the build. If you’re going all out atk/def, then go def.

If however, you want to stack spd and make a build outta that, then go +spd ofc. If you want him to ARO tank for example, either +spd or +res will be better.

B!Dimitri uses every one of his stats, and so every boon that isn’t +HP is great for one reason or other. Personally I would go +spd, and make a speedy build, because his def is plenty high as is.

Basically, build first, then decide on what IV would work best for that build.

Also @TeaTime

EDIT: and @Aeming definitely didn’t forget you no sir


Tbf, brave Dimitri


Yah, I had already went back in and mention that his DR is based on Def… but I’d still go Spd tho

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I have a +10 brave Dimitri and went with +def because of his DR and because it’s a super boon. If you want to use him for arena, he needs a superboon to hit the 180 bst bin (I think +atk is also a superboon). If you want to use him for AR, spd or res are also solid picks (but he’ll need to res stack a lot, with like swift stance+ solo spd res)


I went spd on him solely because it lets me use him more often on both phases.

Ark/spd unity when IS?


Alright so mixed feelings i see.

What if I am only using him for quests and Arena ?


For arena, you neee +def or +atk or he will score less
Edit : +def


Arena, +def since it’s a super boon and he scored more with it :feh_birbpeek:


You were right the first time, he has a super in both Atk and Def


Yeah I wrote +spd at first lol !


Oh well nvm


+def is better




I changed mine to +def just now and even though his Player Phase suffers a bit more as a result, I found it a good trade-off since I feel that really improved his Enemy Phase (and I prefer keeping him focused on EP since L!Dimitri completely outclasses him as a Mixed Phase unit). His def superboon makes it so he won’t even need a def-boosting skill to activate his DR most of the time, so you can focus his A skill and seal on spd and patching up his res instead. So I vote +def, but both are very good options.

Needs more testing before I can say for sure, but that’s my first impression.


Not much to add really.

I was using +spd first and changed to +Def on mine (altough I was using +spd for a rather short time)
He is mainly an EP unit and he is garanteed to double so the Main Focus of his spd is ensuring He isnt getting doubled himself.
That’s why I also would rather increase is Def via a boon and spd via skills. It’s also better in the long run due to spd Power creep.

So short answer: Chose def and raise spd with skills if needed.

(That’s my build btw, not changed much. Thinking about giving him Atk spd ideal for his A.)


In the long run spd stats is only gonna go higher with newer gen units while B!Dimitri’s def is still gonna be king within all the noticeable statcreeping IS has been doing.

With newer units like Y!Innes that can easily hit 50+ spd and 60+ atk and can avoid DR anyway on proc which will hit B!Dimitri’s DR uniqueness hard, B!Dimitri will need that def stat high to avoid getting killed off from either the proc or from the follow-ups if Dimitri couldn’t kill on retaliation.

Here’s an example build that sacrifices DC for more DR and bonus atk/def that I’ve used for a long while