Brave Dimitri

Hey all, so I was just wondering what would be some great teammates for brave dimitri? I was wondering if there was any good dancers other than peony and azura that could give him buffs? and lastly I was wondering if putting thrasir on his team would be good? Thanks everyone :)

For PVE? PVE is mostly “anything goes” so have color coverage for the most part and you should be relatively fine.

All dancers are generally pretty good and you’ll probably want to look into their unit typing to figure out which one is the best for you. M!Lachesis and Smolzura are both green ranged units who can duel mages. Silvia and Olivia are sword units who can take most green threats that Dimitri can’t take well if needed. Tethys is colorless and runs fairly similarly to Smolzura’s functions with a few key differences of hp to pulse and dagger inheritables. Reyson is a flier melee who gives passive healing and allows for easy tactics setup as do many flier dancers do. Honestly, use whoever you like, I doubt you can go wrong with it.

And for the rest, it’s literally just color coverage and team roles, I’d say. The Thrasir is a bit nice since B!Dimitri’s Unity reverses half of her debuffs but Spd/Res debuffs still hurt so be wary. She nukes hard and can be hard to kill in a pinch. Buffers like Titania and Seth, a healer, other dual-phased mages, galeforcers, there’s a lot of units who B!Dimitri can go with and I honestly think you should just… pair him up with what you have.


yeah, ok thanks :)