Brave Hector - Res or Atk IV for light season tanking

So I was wanting to pull another hector and in a small amount of orbs, I got a +Res copy.

I’m trying to build a reliable Omni tank for light season. I currently use Mila, Peony, Eir with Temari and maybe my Corrin for Yato buffs.

My current hector is +Atk. What would you all recommend?

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He should be recovering enough with Sol/Noontime and you want to kill on retaliation


I’ve found my biggest issue is my own Bramimond who runs an Impact skill. Hector cant kill him on first initiation. I’m trying to tank an infantry pulse setup since i dont have a pulse fodder atm.

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What is hector’s build? My brother runs special fighter for instant sol. Does Bram one shot Hector?

That’s your problem right there. Don’t do that. Hit and run, or Galeforce.

More on topic, what are the builds for both units? I ran the fight in the simulator, and B!Hector wins pretty much all the time.

B!Hector (Blessings from Eir and Peony):

  • +0, +2 DF.
  • Refine, Sol, Ostian Counter, Special Fighter, no C, Spd/Res Solo


  • +1, 2 DF.
  • Void Tome (with effect), Glimmer, Sturdy Impact, Lull Atk/Res, Impenetrable Dark, Death Blow.

I’ve changed things around, like disabling Hector’s seal, giving him -Atk, etc. He always comes out on top.

Edit: Unless, of course… IP team, Bram has a powerful pre-charged Special, like Glacies?


From my experience, I would agree with @Annie_May and definitely recommend +Atk. I use the Sol/Special Fighter combo and OHKO most glass cannons for maximum healing (and one round KO most units in general). With that being the case, you want to hit hard.

Running a support unit (like Jorge, OG!Corrin, or B!Lucina) with Drive Atk 2 (or Joint Drive Atk) and Atk Tactics SS is really good for stacking. If you run Atk Opening on another unit, then double Drives on your support, you can essentially give Hector up to + 17 Atk (if you’re using Jorge). I run Joint Drive Atk and Mirror Stance 2 SS on my Hector, so on EP he’s getting +35 Atk from his kit and his teammates. Really reliable for OHKOing.

With regards to Infantry Pulse teams, I can sometimes tank them all with my max-merged Hector, but eventually I just built up my support unit to run Even Pulse Tie because specials can be deadly. If you don’t have that option, then Galeforce/hit and run teams are probably your best bet.


To try and answer everyone, I use the optimal build. Brave hector with Refine Maltet, sol, Ostian Counter, SF, Atk Smoke C.

With my initial post, I didnt run him with spd/res solo. Now that I do, I can double a Bramimond with impact skill. I’ve essentially just been using Spd tactic on peony and res tactic on eir. Drives on Corrin.

Hector can do a well job tanking a IP team, since I tested this team against friends. It’s just super strong specials that hit him over and over deal him down.

For my own defense, Bramimond doesnt have a recharged special. However, I fought a team that had him with Dragon Fang recharged and that near brought him down from 70 HP to like below 28 hp.

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@CByrd @Annie_May

I dont have a galeforce team built up either. I dont wanna play AR and have to calculate everything before I do a match. I’ve just had more success with tanking. I use brave claude to tank Astra and I am trying to to get BHector to tank Light. I’m about 80% successful.

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Totally hear you. I don’t actually have a Galeforce or hit and run team either (was just taking Annie’s word for it). I’m a firm believer in tanks.

I think Hector can do it. What you have sounds solid. Just commit to the +Atk and you should be golden. If you ever get your hands on a Pulse Tie for Corrin, you’ll be laughing.


Currently have it on Brave Lucina for Astra and I know what you mean. I’m going to try for an even pulse tie when he is available.

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I have it on Lucina as well. I just bounce her back and forth each season. B!Ike is my tank for light - Hector for Astra (I find the mythic buffs compliment them best that way). Lucina’s an excellent support, and you get a free blessing every week. It’s worth considering if you haven’t already.

when you are hitting an effective 80+ atk with buffs, support, and debuffs on the enemy defense included, it’s usually better to go for one-shots than stack more res.

Galeforce I understand, but what about hit and run? That’s not hard to do.

I like to do brain-dead-tank-goes-brrr-brrr strats as well, but some defenses were made to be nearly un-tankable.

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I guess hit and run ain’t so bad, I just suck at trying to calculate where the AI is gonna send their units so

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Imo, calcing and predicting enemy movements is part of the fun

It is a strategy game, after all

How is your Blucina built? Mine is Fury 4, EPT, Joint Drive Spd and Drive Spd seal. She helps claude in Astra speed stack to ensure he doubles Eliwood and other impact users with his QR. Also to help ensure he gets his special off to heal.

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My B!Lucina is identical to yours for Light Season (my B!Ike is +Spd and runs Repel).

For Astra, I give her HP +5 (so she can still pulse tie turn 2 after getting chipped from Duma), EPT, Joint Drive Atk, and Atk Tactics. I’m going to give Naga Atk Opening at some point and then Lucina will just run Drive Atk SS.

So - Speed stack for light, Attack stack for Astra. That’s what I do. It’s been working really well.

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I haven’t found a defence I can’t tank yet :stuck_out_tongue: but I also invest very heavily into my tanks and supports.

Stay away from my defense.