Brave hector with M Corrin AR light tank

Just got around to theory crafting hector after his refine. Can’t decide if he’s better left with his ostian counter or if he’d prefer distant defense 4. DD4 will negate all ranged enemy buffs, in combination with his weapon negating any debuffs.

Since he would be running special fighter, corrin is chosen over Lucina. Since he provides 1 more stat point each and he’s also red for more color coverage. Corrin runs tactics and links/shove to buff all stats easily.

Right now my hector is just +1, considering going for merges eventually when he comes on a weekly banner. So for now, corrin can soak Atk/def/speed(lol) chills. Eir easily soaks res chills. Not super necessary due to his weapon effect ignoring anyway, but I guess gives a bit more PP options.

Ehh didn’t mean to use Luna, sol is the clear special

Ostian Counter is his Distant Counter. Don’t switch it, ever.

Looks solid though. There’s definitely an argument for damage specials over Sol due to NFU shtuff.

You could add more buffs by giving the tactics buffing to a mythic though. You should also be summoner supporting Hector though this is unit builder so you’ll probably do it anyway.


Oh. I’ve seen other people say “Go for bonfire on Astra because he needs the special to smack down Thrasir”. I’ve never tried it out myself but other people definitely have inputs about that.

Don’t switch out Ostian counter please.