Brave Ike b skills

I have been trying to get distant counter for my bIke and finally got one I’m willing to fodder. So now that ike wont have steady breath, I want to change his b skill to something good. Im ftp so I don’t have the widest selection of skills, but I was thinking of giving him wrath, lull atk/def, or something like that. I just wanted advice before I committed.

Question: is this Ike alone or does he have brave lucina ?

just ike

Both options are really good imo. If you manage to pull a nailaih down the line null c disrupt is also a good skill

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Eventually he’ll want null c-disrupt, and hopefully a B!Lucina to support him(she’ll be on banner with summon tickets really soon). In the absence of NCD, lull atk/def is(arguably) the best b skill you can give him. It’s essentially a better Beorc’s blessing. However, if you don’t want to fodder your lull(I know you said you can but still), you can even run QR3 in his b slot with something else as seal

Hello fellow F2Player. Quick Repost 3 with Heavy Blade 3 seal is a decent option. Wrath 3 with Quick Repost 3 seal (what I have) (or Heavy Blade 3 seal) works very well too.

Best ones imo is NCD, Repel, Guard (in descending order form best to worst)

Close call/Repel
lul atk/def
Dull ranged
Null followup (not a big fan personally)

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NCD is without a doubt his best option. Until I get one*, I’m just keeping his PRF B skill, I actually like it.

I wouldn’t say “without a doubt”. Close/call can be better for a maxed Ike with support. And for AR-D lul/atk is the best option (not sure I would give him 2 premium skills for the same slot just to change between offense/defense with minimal impact though)

I agree there are def other great options like the ones you mentioned. Personally, shutting down Firesweepers and Razzle Dazzles with DC + NCD is his forte, but other builds can def work too!

NCD is very good no doubt, but razzle/dazzle usually deals no damage to him, not having NCD can actually be beneficial because you can leave the healer for last and get all the pots safely. You just have to be careful if the healer has a panic staff, that can be dangerous on the turn when you bait other units.

Null C Disrupt, absolutely :stuck_out_tongue: