Brave Ike build suggestions?

So I’ve tried out B!Ike a little bit with his new refine.

I liek. I want to build him.

Here is mine now, just the neutral B!Ike you get with an Earth Blessing and a random seal.

Since I don’t know anything about B!Ike per say, what should I build up on him? I have more copies as well but I’m going to wait to merge him until I get a better IV copy or if someone else needs Steady Breath. Hopefully I can try to beat Abyssal Lloyd if I try hard enough too! (He’s been doing pretty dang well for just his base kit).

Give him Quick Riposte for sure. Beorc’s Blessing was amazing when B!Ike first came out, but it has lost its usage over time. Other than that, I think you’re fine. Ike is my favorite FE character, so you obviously don’t have to go as far as I have with all these expensive skills lol, but what you’ve got right now will be a great melee tank.

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