Brave Ike + Distant Counter

I Whale’d out and have 5 Brave Ikes (One with +atk w00!)
But damn I need distant counter. What/when is the best way to get it?!?! when is Hector, or someone else with distant counter getting featured??? Anytime soon?

Otherwise I’m going out to buy Three Houses and get it that way.


Well… Given that OG Hector was just on 2 different banners at the same time… I doubt he’ll be coming for a while. Nagi on the new Heroes banner will have it, though it may be a wasted investment, given she also has Special Fighter, making it more ideal to fodder her to an Armored unit. It’s either that or Byleth.

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Ahh yea I just saw the video on Nagi - Dang. So in a vacuum is it better to burn a Nagi or M Byleth solely for distant counter?

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It’s your choice :thinking:

They both have their advantages.

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In my opinion, I say Byleth.

The only notable fodder options are Ruptured Sky and DC, meanwhile the other two skills (Chill Spd and and his Wave) aren’t as important.

Meanwhile Nagi also has Special Fighter, so she’s better fodder for armor units, especially ones like Amelia or a melee armor that can work off of Spd or forced doubles.

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