Brave Ike IVs



Just pulled another Brave Ike… I already have one with +def -hp
The new one has +atk -res.
Since I don´t really want to merge them (because his Steady Breath and also he has been outclassed by many other units) which of them should I keep and which can bee safely foddered?


Doesn’t he reduce damage with Urvan? I’m not sure how important his res is if he’ll be reducing damage from consecutive attacks by 80%.


Jup starting from the second attack -80%


But he hits back against a lot of opponents. Unless we use vantage?


Personally I love Ike so I would merge him and keep using the best boy but eh ahem this isn’t about me sooooo… I would keep the +atk -res one. His res is hardly viable anyway. Do a Steady Breath/Quick Reposte build.