Brave Lucina Build

I was looking through all my other characters to see if I can put them to good use. I just remembered that B! Lucina had an insane revamp on her weapon that practically grants an all-rounder stat boost + Breath ability in battle. That’s some insane synergy for just about any team in every single mode! Thankfully, I had already acquired B! Lucina (+1/RES) in my game, so I decided to do an overhaul on her skill set since I’m definitely going to utilize her in combat. I got her refined weapon with the exclusive effect, but now I’m trying to figure out what else I should do to make her into a complete support/utility offensive unit.

I have actually given her some decent skills in the past like Fury 3, Swift Sparrow 2, Desperation 3, Renewal 3, Def Tactic 3, Distant Guard 3, Rally Up Atk +, Reposition, and a few ones here and there. But I think B! Lucina looks a bit outdated from what I got as of now. What is the most optimal/recommended build for her in the current meta-game? I feel like I’m a bit stuck on what to give her for a B-skill, since I just slapped a Chill Spd 3 seal on her extra slot. I am open to hearing if there are any other suggestions for her A-skill and other support abilities from everyone in this group. Thanks for helping me out on this one ~

Not entirely sure what her best build is, but here’s mine

It’s a mix between support and offense. Slapped on 2 more drives to maximize her support capabilities to her teammates for a whopping +6 atk/spd and +3 def/res. Wings of mercy is there so she can zoom right to an ally either to buff em when they need it or take an opponent out. Sturdy blow is there to enhance her offenses, but swift sparrow would probably be better

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I was @ ed so i guess have to give my piece now.

Her build isn’t really anything crazy. Shove with a Link skill is pretty good since it allows you to do 4 things at once: Push a unit in range of enemies, buff said unit, leave them in range of Geirskogul, and keep Lucina safe in the back. I used to run Spd/Res Link, but switched to Atk/Res since the units i use with her the most are B!Ike and Rutger and both of them want Atk more than Spd. Double Drives are standard for most support units, i prioritize defense.

Flashing Blade is just kinda filler. She usually is able to proc it and having Aether charged can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

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I run Chill Atk from Gharnef along with the Chill Def seal and am contemplating Fort. Def/Res, but it feels like a bit of a waste when other units potentially use it better. Basic Fury might still be best. Waiting to pull a single damn Nanna for Drive Def.

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I’ll show my build anyway:

With her refine, she’s one of the best support units in the game. I use her with Brave Ike in AR during Astra season, mostly. With Fury, she’s capable of absorbing most Chills so he doesn’t have to. I think it’s her best A slot because of this. Also, extra numbers just really help whenever she does need to enter combat (which is very rare). Renewal is there for sustainability, though it isn’t used much. I’m not running a Link skill because I tend to stay away from visible buffs on Ike due to the presence of Panic on defense teams. Double Drive Res helps Ike tank more. Overall though, she’s pretty versatile and can be built however you like depending on who she’s supporting. You really can’t go wrong with her.

I just went with this build in the end. I already had a good amount of decent skills on her, so I did some grinding for SP and here is my B! Lucina at her top form :)