Brave Lucina Build!

OK Gamepress, I don’t post here much, but I wanted to show off my support-tank Lucina build. As well as ask for other ideas that might be out there. So, how did I do?

I wasn’t sure if I’d end up liking Threaten Atk/Spd because I read that it was a little awkward. But on Lucina, when she’s typically camped behind another character, she’s actually activating this ability quite a bit. Then there is the Steady Posture and Repel combo, that allows her to survive attacks that she normally wouldn’t…those attackers are now within range of Threaten as well, and creates even more synergy with Repel once it activates.

As you can see, I’m only 1 merge and 1 dragonflower away from perfection. She’s my favorite FE character, and I’ve saved orbs for her banners since the release of her Brave unit. Her refine gave me new life in this game, as I was close to hanging it up.

Anyway, just wondering if there are any other fun, unique Lucina builds out there. I’m willing to kill off pretty much any character to hook her up the fodder she deserves.

She also has Distant Counter, Steady Breath, Warding Breath 4 (that was kinda a mistake…ah well), Wrath, a couple Chill and Link skills, all of the Drive skills, and Hone Speed 4 (I’d love to try Joint Hone Spd with this build)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all are staying healthy during these times!


I personally dont like double role Units, either build for one or another atleast for me.
If you want her to be a support give her a Link Skill with Shove and put Drives or Guard Skills on her C and Seal slot, A Skill is pretty much your own choice.


Looks quite bizarre :thinking: …I like it though,I use T atk/spd and repel on my bike,so I know how effective it can be.

I have a fun dragon slaying build I put together


Made this build to cover the support/sabotage role and if she needs to engage the SS3 (A) helps out with that. If i need to change out drives i have all 4 unlocked for easy team comp potential down the line


B!Lucina was technically my first 5* exclusive and I’m glad to see someone else enthusiastic about her. I see more +10 B!Ikes than B!Lucinas, so that’s always a nice change.

Personally, I prefer drives over chills now that powercreep has led and will lead to more units being able to soak up chills effectively. Since you said you don’t mind foddering any character, the only thing I’d add is LnD4 if you just want to have that option/not run a tank focus. In most cases, she can effectively soak up any Chill Atk/Spd and, if need be, pose an offensive threat in her own right.

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Thanks for all the thoughts and ideas!

I agree it’s probably a little much trying to get her to fill multiple roles, but she really can hold her own stat-wise, and it’s kinda more there to give her survivability so she can support. The kicking butt part is bonus.

I might have to try out those Swift Sparrow and LnD ideas, that would be much more on the offensive side than I’m used to with her, could be fun though! I have SS3 fodder, still no LnD. Will have to add her to the list on those skills if I can’t find a better home for them.

Also good point about the Chills being a bit less effective nowadays. Really just had the seal so Repel would work even in a tight spot. But you are right, the amount of stats that she can drive to 2 spaces away is amazing. I do love running dual drives in her C and S slots.

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She looks great! I really like your build.

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She looks nice! I like when people try to create fun builds, she’s one of my fav too although i gave her a boring build


Those stats though, good lord! I really should SS mine…

Yeah i know :feh_lucyshrug: you should ss yours. i want to give her fury 4( but that would mean i have to kill L!Marth and i don’t want to) or maybe swift sparrow 3 . Also… did DC worked for her?

Nah, I rarely use DC. It was one of the first skills I gave her when she came out. But her Res is so low that she’s really only taking out archers, daggers and red tomes. And with her refine, that’s better handled by someone else. I suppose I could try it now with Repel, and maybe a Darting Stance seal…she might be able to tank some blue mages

As for Fury 4, can compile a Greil, though that will take a while since he’s at the end of that tree.

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I thought maybe it was finally my time! Bleh…

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