Brave Lucina

Why is Brave Lucina considered to be such an important hero when anyone with Infantry Breath, which can effect more heroes then Lucina’s weapon, can be just as effective?


Infantry breath requires adjacency, which leaves the support unit vulnerable to attack and both units vulnerable to sudden panic and sabotage effects.


Because Infantry Breath is,

  1. Rare. Like, rare to the point that I’m fairly certain IS completely forgot and couldn’t care less about it. It’s on one singular unit that came out quite a while ago and while has had a couple re-runs hasn’t been the most available.

  2. Is restrictive. Infantry and adjacent allies only. Lucina can only give to physical units but is better than just infantry.

  3. Lucina’s effect is a Drive. Ya know why we don’t have tier 4 Spur skills? Because no one has competitively used them(With the exception of a couple duel spurs) since gen 1. Which funny enough, was right before B!Lucina’s release when Drives became a thing.


To piggyback off @AniCre001’s answer too—

  • Spectrum drive is great
  • Blue is good for supporting red or green tanks
  • Dragon effectiveness is great on AR-O, especially with Duma and Seiros running around (and Lancina has color advantage over Sothis)
  • Lancina is fast enough to take a hit and usually bulky enough to survive, especially with skills like Fury 4
  • Supporting tanks like B!Claude, B!Hector, and the cav tank nobody uses Bagel with CD acceleration makes them much much better than they’d otherwise be

Speaking of Cav tanks, I actually saw a tank Reinhardt build the other day. He was built with an Owl tome and bond skills. It was painful to look at.


I was like, Sirius? Do we have any DC cavs who can omnitank or who don’t need an offensive A slot?

Dussel, maybe

Oh, L!Seliph, I guess, but mages. Sigurd I guess is your best bet but nobody runs Sigurd as an AR tank


More to the point, the movement difference is such that you probably wouldn’t chose B!Lucina as your support anyway.


which can effect more heroes then Lucina’s weapon, can be just as effective?


I did some rough calculations:
Infantry breath affects 322 heroes at the time of this writing.
Physical damage units (Brave Lucina) affects about 422+ units at the time of this writing

So no, Infantry breath affects LESS units, less available to get, and requires adjacency which puts the breath holder in danger themselves, while Lancina (Brave Lucina) affects MORE units, arguably easier to summon a single copy of (since she appears twice during weekly rotation schedule, plus golden week/anniversary hero fests, along with just being a 4* special hero), and can be 2 spaces away, is given she is better overall.


Would you still consider it a good skill/replacement for Brave Lucina if you don’t have her despite how it is more like a spur than a drive?

Doesn’t Infantry Breath affect tomes though?


Infantry Breath is just bad.

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That is too bad.

Is that actual? Based on GP listing, sounds like Tome units are affected:

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That was kind of why I was asking about infantry breath. The ability for tome units to have a breath affect seems huge. Why is no one talking about that?

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B!Lucina is one of the best supports in the game because her weapon provides stats and a Drive Breath effect, and the positioning requirement is much more lenient than Infantry Breath

The only other unit who provides a Drive Breath effect is NY!Velouria, but she’s locked into supporting one unit at a time and doesn’t give any stat boost


Why did this reply to me lol


Based on how the thread was, I thought you were answering their question “Doesn’t it affect tome units” which is the post above yours, and I got confused.


There’s very limited uses for it with the adjacency requirement. If there’s a dancer on the enemy team (i.e. like Aether Raids), your breath unit will get sniped in a heartbeat. I mean if you also have a save unit I guess, but that’s a pretty thick requirement off the bat having your support only helping an infantry tome unit, which may or may not be also in the save range of your armored tank in the back - seems very specific and limiting.

Also, you have panics, sudden panic, schools, shrines, etc in addition, maybe even a tactics room. There’s just tons of variables to work through here, and assuming you are using a mage on offense, it will likely be a nuker already, which you may just be running heavy/flashing blade which does the same thing.


B.Lucina, gives Breath effect +3 Atk/Spd/Def/Res support just from her weapon alone leaving her C/Seal slot open for even more buffing with the only down side being that it only effects physical units, has the added bonus of being in the 4* special summon

Inf Breath requires adjacency to activate, only give +2 Def/Res, with it being a C skill you lose out on Joint Drives/Spurs in the C slot. Has the disadvantage of only being on 1 unit who is 5* locked in Red hell


Cuz NY!Velouria does the job to give Breath effect to tomes and dragons when needed, from a safe distance. That’s why she’ so good even at 1 copy, covering what B!Lucina lacks.

Her only problem is that you need to support partner to get que effect, so you can’t use her + M.Corrin