Brave Lucinas, bad ivs and a weapon refine

I’ve got two brave Lucinas, one’s +hp/-def and the other’s +res/-hp. Since her res is so bad, I’ll probably be sticking with +hp/-def until I can get another one.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of building her again for quite a while, and with Nah in the RS, I’m thinking she would be invaluable in both support and damage.

With the new weapon refine, she’ll be helping with dragon threats as well as buffing the rest of the team. However, I’m not so sure how to build her, and I’m just a bit wary on using divine dew since I only have enough for one weapon.

I’m trying to build a +hp/-res Blucina, and would like build advice. I have very little divine dew rn, so i’m trying to decide if I should use it on her.

Hmm… depends, what team are you running?

Because if you’re running Infantry Emblem…

(Her A slot can be HP+5)

just to pulse the whole team, and boost their Special charge.

If not…

This is a good build to support allies, and be a decent offensive unit.

And if you like melee units, her refine is so freaking worth it.


She has no good fodder. Just merge her.

Also, she is a support unit that doesn’t need to ever attack anyone. IV is totally irrelevant.

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My build is majorly bent on support

Sturdy blow is a nice budget A-skill but I’d personally run death blow or swift sparrow to confirm kills on dragons, the one thing she should be offensive on. Change her seal slot to drive atk to grant +6 atk and +6 spd to allies too since it pairs extremely well with her weapon. For her B slot I gave her WoM since she isn’t really top offensive and I want her to fly around the map supporting her allies whenever they need help.

Your Lucinas C slot is fine as is.


Actually, I was thinking of running infantry emblem with her. I have infantry pulse on a 5* Marisa, but i’m not sure if i’m ready to fodder her quite yet haha. I like the second build a lot, and maybe I’ll use that since I have access to most of those skills (i’m a bit resource poor in general lol).

As for the team, I’m still undecided as to what it will look like, but I threw one together just now. Thoughts and suggestions?

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Also, I revised my melee build:

Give her TA in her A slot.

Her matchups against green dragons is garbage anyway, so make her matchup against red dragon even better! Idunn? NOPE Nah? ONE SHOT, she’ll become a great duelist against all dragons except for green ones, but that’s okay, they’ve had it rough anyways.

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L!Ike and Astram (if you have him) are amazing team options.

L!Ike can run his feared Breath + Spiral + Radiant Aether combo without having to use up an A slot, so he’s definitely a keeper, and Astram will just synergize with her, and everyone will get +4 to all stats anyway.

I wouldn’t recommend Edelgard, as her kit relies on her going Solo, and I’d use B!Celica as a player phase duelist (so B!Lucy’s breath wouldn’t make too much sense), but, Phina isn’t a terrible support member.

I’d recommend another green and colorless unit, although that comes later.

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Special spiral is a skill I don’t have access to (sadly), but yes, I do have Astram from the GHB. Also, I’m currently farming SP so I can refine someone’s weapon so I can refine HER weapon. Yay. As for other green units, I’m pretty lacking in that area. Maybe PA Azura instead of Phina? As for colorless, I have Sothe and Leon. Both are pretty solid units.

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PA!Azura isn’t a bad choice, and can balance color.

And for the Colorless unit, I’d say use Leon.

He’s better in Enemy Phase, and can work better with B!Lucy’s refine.

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Alright, thanks for all the help! I guess this post just kind of turned into team building advice huh, haha. As for Astram, I’ll probably have to look at builds for him too haha


The ivs don’t matter to much if shes just for support so I would merge into either 1,but I can definitely understand your plight since I’ve gone through it with my b lucina,I have given her some good skills,but there’s some regret as well,ultimately I chose this build for support and being competent in both phases to a extent.The merges took me almost 2 years to get,but it was worth it.I’m also working on a dragon killer build,but lack the fodder at the moment.


I’d actually rather use +Res myself, but ok

Here’s what I have set up for my lucina, it’s mostly defense oriented rather than offense however, as her sole focus is to provide the buffs to a tanky unit(in my case, it’s Mordecai) and she only attacks only when she has to. Although I would rather have an a skill like Swift sparrow.

Lancina is has a weapon meant for support and shouldn’t be in the front lines so you might as well build around that.

Most of the time, the breath refine is going to be used to help against physical melee units because they’re the most common so this should be a good budget build to give her decent enough stats to kill dragons as well as support her team
Also Lancina is a unit with trash fodder so you might as well merge.

When I get her, she will equip Infantry Flash or Rush

What unit builder is this?

Just use the Echoes template to have it look like this.

And welcome to the community, I guess.

I’ll take one if you don’t want it… :sharenacry:

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Thank you. I’ve been using that for a long time now and never noticed that template. Thanks again.

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No problem!

The more you know, I suppose. :excidunn: