Brave Micaiah best IVs?

I pulled two, and I actually got pretty lucky with the IVs. That said, which would you guys recommend: +SPD, -DEF or +RES, -HP?

I’d say they’re both pretty good boons however I’m leaning more towards this one

because if you use her as a magic tank, the damage becomes negligible with buffs and debuffs to the point where she’s taking 0 damage, and that’s on top of having an easier time proccing her B skill.

+Spd is nice for Spd shenanigans, but I feel having her B skill activate more frequently is a lot more useful since it’ll help debuffs the enemies’ Spd anyways.

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Fair enough. What i’m thinking personally is that 40 RES should be good enough to proc Yune’s Whispers most of the time, but yeah, you make some good points.

I think i’m gonna wait for some more input to make up my mind. Thanks!!

Welcome back :birbpeek:
As for the IVs, I would generally go with +Res for more magic tanking, more special burst damage, and easier B skill activation.
Spd can allow Brave Micaiah to do some cool Spd stuff, but it’s not consistent enough for a Spd boon, unless you want to go all in on her Spd.

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The thing is that if the sabotage hits, it’s like she gains +12 spd so she’s almost in the 40s? Plus on a mixed team she might receive a spd tactic or drive, and on a flier team she would receive a goad or two or three.

I find hard to decide between spd and res. Long-term, res is probably the safer bet because powercreep will continue to inflate res so eventually she might need it to get the sabotage off consistently.

If you want to +10 her, go for spd. Your B skill will almost always trigger just from the extra merge/flower Res.
At +1, both are equally good.